How to Get Android Notifications on Desktop

How to Get Android Notifications on Desktop

Android Operating System Smartphones are well equipped to alert the users about most events but sometimes we miss that just one call that can ruin our rest of the days schedule as you were busy with your work and missed all the important call. Sometimes, we also fail to respond to the emergency SMS on time also and at that time this application can help you out.

But how nice it would be if your phone gives you an alert on your Computer or laptop notifying you about what’s happening on your Smartphone. Well there is an application called Desktop Notifier that can do this for you, for this all you need to do is relax and install the software application on your Android Smartphone, as it will do rest of the things for you. And once you have setup the whole thing, you won’t miss a call again.

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So here is how you go about setting-up the Desktop Notifier on your device. The software is available in two parts, one for your Android device and another for your Computer or Laptop. Notably, it is available absolutely free of cost except the PRO version. So lets get started on this trick:How to Get Android Notifications on Desktop

How to Get Android Notifications on Desktop:

1st Part:

  1. Visit the developer’s website and download the desktop software Desktop Notifier.
  2. Download the files that will be in a .zip file format and unzip it on your computer to access that
    Setup.exe file.How to Get Android Notifications on Desktop 1
  3. Installing the software will take about a minute or so and the software might prompt you to
    add the software as a startup option, select yes.
  4. By the end of the installation it will ask you for Language which you have to select as English
    or you can go for German also if you know it.

2nd Part:

  1. Now download and install DeskNotifier Free on your Android Phone’s.
  2. The Desktop Notifier app works on notification, to enable that the software might prompt
    you to change the notification setting. Press ‘ok’ and proceed to Enable notification settings
    for the application.
  3. Then the application will open up showing the settings page.
  4. Locate the IP address form the setting and keep it handy to input in the software on the PC
    to help connect it to app on the Android device.
  5. The application will prompt you for the connection setting and if you have a WiFi network,
    select the WiFi or else choose USB to connect.
  6. Upon choosing WiFi enter the IP address that is on the phone in the application’s settings
  7. Now both the desktop and device application will notify the user about the connection.
  8. Once done, you can send a test ping to the PC by selecting the test ping option form the
    Android device.

By setting-up these configuration you will receive notifications on your Deskptop/Laptop
about email, calls, SMS as and when they come on your device.

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