Get Notified When Someone comes Online on Facebook

How to get notify when someone comes online on facebook

Having some important business to discuss with Someone Special or Want to give order to Someone, your Facebook activities can be delayed if you are not aware that when they come online. Install these apps to Get Alerts when they Come Online on your Google Chrome, Androids, iPhone/iOS or Mac Devices. Free-up your Mind and Stop waiting for your Friend Coming Online because now it is easy to Get Alerts of them when they comes on Facebook. 

Facebook is Online place for latest post, update, entertainment, chatting and much more. Often many users use it for Chatting purpose only. As for Chatting with Someone, we have to wait for our friend to come Online, but sometimes we are not aware of the Person who comes Online because of some work. At this time an App might help you to get Notified when your desired user comes online.

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It doesn’t matter that you are Using your Computer or Laptop for Facebook, just install this Applications on your Computer, SmartPhones, Tablets, iOS Devices, iPhone, Mac or any of the Browser. Install this Applications and get alerts of your Friends Status without Being Online.  You can Track your Friends Area if you are using iPhone Devices but it doesn’t means that other Devices Feature are less.

How to Get Notified when Someone Comes Online on Computer or Mobile Devices

1. For Android Phone: Online Notifier For Facebook

This app can notify you when the friends you selected gets online on Facebook! You will be invisible(offline) to your friends and it will also keep you giving the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp of your selected friends. You can also add personalized Ringtone to each of your friends to distinguish between them whenever you get any notification.

Online Notifier for Facebook

2. For Google Chrome Browser: Facebook friend Alert

Facebook friend Alert is a Simple Google Chrome extension that notifies you about Facebook Friends presence while you are surfing on the Internet. With this great extension, you don’t need to visit Facebook for updates every few minutes; the updates come to you while you browse the web.

Download Friend Alert

You can also use FB Alert Friends Online Extension also.

3. For Mac Users: Online Notifier for Facebook

For the MAC users who want the full Potential of Facebook Online Notifier can use this Application on their Mac Systems. This is a Paid Application and is Compatible with System running Mac OS X 10.8 or Higher with 64 Bit Systems.  This Online Notifier for Facebook keeps you Notifying about your Friends Status. Whether your friend is Online, Offline or Idle – this application keeps you notifying about the Facebook Status of your Friends.

Online Notifier for Facebook

4. For iPhone and iOS Devices:  Who is Online

Great Application for your iPhone or iOS Devices which will Give you Alerts for Facebook when your friend comes Online.  You can Check the Online Status of your Friend without being Online with a Tracker which will alert you if your friend comes near you. This application is for your iPhone/iOS Device will keep your all the activities Private and will not post anything on your Facebook Wall or Timeline, on your Behalf. You will have to Pay for this Application in Some Regions  and it is Compatible With iOS 4+ devices, iPod (3rd Generation)+ devices and iPhone 3+ devices.

Who’s Online

Did you Know:

  • Facemash  is the original name of Facebook. At first it was used to rank girls of Harvard University only by Harvard students.