How to Hide Files in Android without Applications

How to Hide Files in Android without Applications

Hiding files on your Android device can be good and is done very easily, without consuming your time. It is done with some simple steps and doesn’t requires you to monitor it every-time, you only have to remember that where have you kept that file.

As you know that you can hide your applications on your Android devices, but it requires an application as there is no other option to complete this Task of Hiding Applications. For hiding your files also there are many applications, but they consume a lot of time and are less reliable. Your simple File Manager is capable of doing this work of hiding files on your Android Devices. Go for this Traditional step as it is more reliable for your daily use. So lets us see that how can we do this:

How to Hide Files in Android without Applications

  1. Open any File Manager of your Android Device.
  2. Goto → the location where you want to hide your file or you can create a new Folder/Directory, from where you want to access all of your Hidden Files.
  3. Tap and hold on the file which you want to hide and click on ‘Rename’.
  4. Now if you have a video file then its last letters may be .mp4, .avi, .mpg or other name which are called as ‘Extension Name’.
  5. Cut that name and write .db, .crypt, .sys, or any other system file name, which your device may recognize as that file is in use for System.How to Hide Files in Android without Applications 1
  6. That’s it and Now you may check that file in media Players which it will be Unavailable for use.
  7. It may show a Question Mark.How to Hide Files in Android without Applications 2

This is the traditional method of hiding files and is still working for Android also. You may also write any name for the file without any ‘Extension Name’ but it may be detected by some Media Players.

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