How to Hide Folders and Files of Android

How to Hide Folders and Files of Android

To Hide your Folders of your Android Devices is very simple than you can imagine. Hiding your Folders on Android can save you from major problems like your Device is lost/stolen or if your friend is trying to take your Private Data’s or someone is trying to access your Device without your Permission.

To hide a folder on your Android doesn’t requires any kind of applications or any difficult
Command, but still if you like to go for any applications than you are free to go. It is as simple as creating a folder with your native File Explorer.

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Hiding folders on your Android Devices also enables you to hide files or anything available in that folder. The files in your hidden folders are not accessible by your Media Player or even your Gallery. Only hiding your Folders can give you the advantage of hiding your File also, without any applications on your Android Devices. So lets get Started with this Trick on:

How to Hide Folders and Files of Android

  1. Open your App Drawer/Menu of Android.
  2. Now, Open any of your File Explorer.
  3. For easy access you can Download and Install ES File Explorer.
  4. Navigate to any location where you want your hide your folder.
  5. Open its options and select the option of creating a New Folder.
  6. Put a ‘.’ before name of that folder like ‘.newFolder’ , ‘.hiddenFolder’ or any other name and create it. How to Hide Folders and Files of Android 1
  7. Now to see your hidden folder, you should enable the ‘view hidden folders options.
  8. It is on left side, if you are using ES File Explorer. How to Hide Folders and Files of Android 2

Devices like Android Lollipop and many other Android Devices refuse this type of Hiding Files. At that Time you should Create a ‘.nomedia’ file or a folder. Catch any of the file or a folder that you want to hide and Rename the whole filename to ‘nomedia’. If your device is also ignoring with this type of creation then do it with your Computer or Laptop and move that ‘.nomedia’ to your Device.

Note: There is no limit on the size of this hidden folder on Android.

To make your folder invisible again you have to Disable the View of hidden folders. This Trick gives you the freedom from those expensive applications available for your Android Devices to hide your folder or files and even forces you to Root your Devices.

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