How to Hide IP Address on PC and Mobiles

How to Hide IP Address on PC

This Trick is only for Security Purpose..Do not Mis-use it.

Every Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phones or other Devices connected on the Internet has a Unique IP address given/allotted to it which makes it possible to trace it back to the exact location from where it was operated, only if Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not hidden. 

Even though the concept of Internet Protocol address (IP address) has been designed for its transparency and tractability, in some cases this questions the privacy of the Internet users where one would not like to reveal his/her identity to everyone on Internet. The reasons which are common that why people want to hide their IP address by being Online – Net users can browse websites anonymously without leaving the Net Paths (foot paths) of their address or to access websites and portals that are not available to the IP address to Trace their locations – whatever the reason may be. Priority is to stay safe from intruders and hackers by showing a fake IP to Internet and many more reasons are there.

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Well, if you are one such person who is in search of ways to hide your IP address online with others, then let me say you that VyprVPN is the Best. With these Applications, you can easily hide your IP address which will help you to maintain your privacy and security on your Computer,Laptop’s and Mobile Phones also. So lets get started with this trick on:

How to Hide IP Address on PC:

Hide with Software’s →
  1. (Highly Recommended) VyprVPN – Get the fastest VPN services for its clients and supports wide range of operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone/iOS Devices also.How to Hide IP Address on PC 2In addition to hiding your IP, a VPN service encrypts all your web traffic to keep you safe from various hackers. Unlike other IP hiding methods which affects your speed of browsing, a VPN service always keeps your Internet speed fast without affecting its performance. You may have a long list of countries and states to select from as your place of origin. By selecting an IP address of your choice, you can easily bypass location blocks and even access restricted websites that are not available for your country.
  2. Hide My Ass VPN – Slow but it’s one of the most popular and trusted VPN service that allows people to easily conceal IP address and protect their online privacy.How to Hide IP Address on PC 1
  3. VPN Proxy – Developed for Safe and Secure Way to Hide Your IP addresses.
    Using a trusted VPN service is the best way to hide your IP during your online activities.

Hide with Websites →

This is another popular way to quickly Hide your IP addresses on the Internet. Since it is a web based service, users no need to have to install any piece of software program on their Computer or Laptop. The following are some of the popular websites that offer free services to hide IP address:


These Links will help you in hiding your IP Address in very Easy and Secure way as these are the best Services for hiding IP Address. If you have any query about these methods then you can get in touch with us by leaving a comment, we will get with you. You can also read How to Access a Blocked Website

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