How to Hide on Facebook

How to Hide on Facebook

If you want to maintain Some Privacy with your Facebook Account while chatting with Someone then you will Like this post. This post will help you to Maintain a Peace of Privacy on your Facebook Account and give reply to the Messages while Chatting at your own Convenient Time.

WhatsApp and other Chat Service fails to give these types of Comforts to their users and if they give it to you then these apps will block your Access also. Be Cool and Use this Facebook Extension which will give you the Power to Maintain Some amount of Privacy while Chatting with Someone close to you. Reply with ease and take your own time while Chatting and also hide your ‘is typing’ Notices.

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Sometimes a Situation may appear on your Facebook where Chatting with a Close Friend sees your Response time by The ‘Read’ and ‘Typing’ Status, before you get in some trouble. Add an Exception to your Facebook Account and be free from these type of Limitation which may Push you in A Big Trouble.

Requirements to use this Extension:

  1. Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Computer or Laptops with any Operating System.
  3. A Facebook Account.

How to Hide on Facebook

Step 1: Just install the Facebook Chat Privacy Extension on your Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Now Open your Facebook Account and on the Top-Right Corner you will See an Icon of Chat Privacy which will be Next to the Address Bar.

Step 3: Click on Privacy icon and Just Enable/Disable the Privacy Option. From now on, Reply to the Messages of your Loved ones with ease while Chatting.How to Hide on Facebook 1

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