How to hide online chat on facebook

How to hide online chat on facebook

Chatting on facebook seems to be good if you are chatting  with your loved ones but it might irritate you if you are chatting forcefully or with someone you don’t like or if your boss is on-line. at that time you just want to stay on-line but you want to hide from that specific person than what will you do. Don’t worry facebook has provided you with this power also.

Sometimes it feels irritating if you are chatting with someone and you don’t wanna chat with him. But in that case you want to be on-line also and want to hide from that specific person, it might be your boss, college friend or it might be your some old friend. You might feel good that you can hide from some of your annoying friends while staying on-line for chat.How to hide online chat on facebook

How to hide on-line chat on facebook:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • You have to create the list of that specific persons from whom you want to hide.
  • Click on chat Settings then you have to click on Advanced Setting.

How to hide online chat on facebook - 1


  • Now you have to select ” Turn on chat for all friends Except ” and now you have to enter the name of your friend with whom you don’t want to chat.

How to hide online chat on facebook - 2

  • Now click on save.

That’s all now you have been hidden from those annoying friend whom you don’t want to chat. These settings will be saved whenever you log-in to your Facebook Account even if you Reactivate your account. Remember that you will always be hidden from your friends until and unless you Turn on Chat with them.

Note: You can also ” Turn of chat ”  permanently by selecting third option from Step 4.

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