How to hide status update on facebook

How to hide status update on facebook

Many times you update your status and not all of your friends like your Updates but you only get few likes which doesn’t makes you happy. In order to avoid such things off your mind you can select few persons who like your updates and who are really close to you. Just follow some steps with us and you can also do it by your own.

Your friends to whom you have blocked on facebook will not come to know that you have blocked them of showing your status update. As they don’t like your status update then it doesn’t make any sense in showing your facebook Status Updates. Facebook provides full privacy to their users and it also understands the security of their users.

How to hide status update on facebook:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Find the “What’s on your mind” dialogue box on the Facebook dashboard (the first page you see when you log into your account).
  3. Click on Public option and select CUSTOM.How to hide status update on facebook - 1
  4. Now select the persons or group with whom you want to share or you don’t want to share your status and click on save changes .

How to hide status update on facebook - 2

Now you are Ready to Update your status without showing them to the people to whom you want to don’t show. It will doesn’t cause any harm on your Facebook Account. 

Note:  The method might change, as per the rules and regulations of facebook.

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