How to Increase cache memory of Browsers

How to Increase cache memory of Chrome or other Browsers

Cache is a place allocated on your PC where Web-browsers temporarily Stores the Web-pages Information such as images or other files and when we visit the same site again then the Web-page loads more faster than the first Visit.

Many of the users think that it cannot be increased but this is Possible. It wont cause any trouble to your PC’s. The users out there who Surf the Web with a Slow or a minimal Speed can increase the Cache size of their Browsers for a Smooth Operation. Slow or a Moderate Connection can be one of the reason which affects your Web-page loading Speed.You can do this Cache increment on Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. So let’s get Started on this trick of:

How to Increase cache memory of Chrome or other Browsers:

How to Increase cache memory of Chrome:

  • Right click on Google Chrome Icon on your desktop or in Start Menu and Select Properties.
  • Now Go to ‘Shortcut Tab’.
  • Below find Target and click inside the box.
  • Now press ‘End’ key on keyboard to remove the cursor from that box.
  • After it you have to Give a Single blank Space by Pressing your Space bar.
  • Now copy and paste the this at the end: ” –disk-cache-size=10000000 “
  • 10000000 bytes is equal to 10 mb (megabytes) an so on.How to Increase cache memory of Chrome or other Browsers 1
  • Click OK to save the setting.

How to Increase cache memory of Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools of Menu Bar.
  • Now Select Internet Options.
  • Then Goto Browsing History and click on Settings.
  • In Temporary Internet Files select automatically.
  • Now in Website data Settings scroll the size of data you want.How to Increase cache memory of Chrome or other Browsers 2
  • Click OK and Save all your changes.

How to Increase cache memory of Firefox:

  • Open Firefox and Click on Tools.
  • Now goto Options and Select Advanced tab.
  • Next in Cache Web Content select Override automatic cache management.
  • Scroll or write the size of memory you want to allocate.How to Increase cache memory of Chrome or other Browsers 3
  • Now click on OK to save the settings.

Now by doing this trick your Cache size of the Web-Browsers will be increased, which will help you in saving more Temporary files on your Computer or Laptop.


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