How to install virtual machine

How to install virtual machine - Oracle Virtual Box

irtual Machine by Oracle Corporations gives you the power to Install different types of Operating Systems on your computer. When we have an Operating System but still we want a different or New Operating System then The Virtual Machine can help you in doing this. 

As the IT Industry is becoming more dynamic and modern these days, there are many of the Operating Systems which you want to use – at that time The Virtual Machine is the power by Oracle Enterprises that has been given the power to install new Operating Systems in your old ones. By using virtual machine you can install different Operating System such as Windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7, windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux/Unix, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Android OS, Chrome OS and more. It will enable you with the power of virtual Operating Systems on your Computer. 

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How to install virtual machine:

Note: Download the latest Version of Virtual Machine for Better Use.

  • First of all, you need to Download Virtual Box for your type of Operating System which you are currently using and its Hardware type also as x86/x64.
    If you have problems in Downloading, then get it from our Servers –

    Server 1 
    Server 2

  • Now Double click on the downloaded Virtual Box.
  • An option will appear of Welcome, click on ‘ Next > ‘.

How to install virtual machine-1

  • Now an option will be opened for Installing its Feature.
  • You can also select new location for virtual Machine as it will not harm the installation, But it is recommended to use this oftware in Default Directory only (for eg: C Drive).
  • For better use of Virtual Machine Leave the options as it is and click on ‘ Next > ‘.

How to install virtual machine - 2

  • Now you will be asked for Shortcuts to be created – Select as per your own inconvenience.

How to install virtual machine-3

  • It might show you a Warning tat it will change your networking connections and it will also disconnect you from network Temporarily.

Note: You may need to set-up your Network Connections Once Again if you Proceed with it. Nothing Happens.

How to install virtual machine - 4

  • It will ask you for the last time about the changes you made for Installation – If you want to do some changes then you can go ‘< back’ or click on Install.

How to install virtual machine - 5

  • It will Begin with the Installation.
  • If anything is asked during your installation Then Accept It.

How to install virtual machine - 6

  • You have Successfully installed Virtual Machine Now you may Run it.

Note: The installation may vary from different versions of Virtual Machine.

Virtual Machine is highly Recommended for all users as it is very easy to use. You will definately Love The Interface of Virtual Machine.

You can also watch a Video on this:

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