How to lock apps on Android

How to lock apps on Android

Your Many of the Applications including Games can be dangerous if your Phone is with your Parents or gets lost. It is always advisable to be ready for such troublesome. Whatsapp is also one of the App among them which can cause you such trouble as anyone with access to your android phone can read all the conversation that you made.  If you are worried for such troublesome then you should Password lock Such Applications which are extremely Private.

You can do this easily with some Applications available on Google Play Market or from other sources. These Applications of locking works in a good manner without giving you any errors. Your whatsapp and all other Apps will be safe after you use these Apps. There are multiple apps available for you but we will recommend you with some of the reliable Apps. So lets get started with the trick of:

How to lock apps on Android

How to lock apps on Android:

  • Download and Install AppLock.
  • Open it and it might ask for you e-mail ID and then type your password.
  • Now, Confirm your password by typing it again.How to lock apps on Android 3
  • It will show you the list of Apps which you want to lock.
  • Now enable the App you want to Lock and exit it.How to lock apps on Android 1
  • You can change From Password lock to Pattern Lock by selecting Themes in it.How to lock apps on Android 2
  • Now every-time after installing new Application it will ask you to Lock that Application or not.

As this App takes your Email-id, so that if you forgot your pin number then you can reset your Pin. Only you can know about Your Pin  than any-one else.You can Un-install this app if you don’t like it and you may go for other app as there are many of this kind.

There are many Apps similar to this app such as: Smart App Lock (App Protector), app lock, App Lock (Pattern).and many more.

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