How to make a bootable usb with windows 7

How to making a bootable USB with windows 7

Operating Systems on DvD may get Corrupted if you use it several times to format your Computer. It will be use-full if you copy that bootable DvD to your Usb drives/flash drives and it works in a right manner as you will save the life of your bootable DvD by making a bootable Usb Dive/Pen Drive.

This method of creating a Bootable Usb for your Operating System can save your much time, compared to a Bootable DvD as its copying speed is much Faster than a Bootable Disk. As the copying of this Bootable Usb is fast thus it results in fast installation. You can also check out How to Install Windows from USB with WintoFlash for easy steps.

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You should make an Image file in your computer’s hard drive of Windows 7 Bootable DvD and you can use this image file whenever you want. It can be in several formats such as .iso , .nrg or any other formats. Let’s Get Started on:

How to make a bootable USB with windows 7:

  • Open your DvD drive where you have Windows 7 or Get a Windows 7 ISO image and extract it to a folder (not on your USB).
  • Get an 8GB USB/flash drive.
  • Format the USB/flash drive with NTFS using the ‘quick format’ selecting the format option.
  • Open your CMD prompt and run it as administrator.
  • Type DISKPART and run it.
  • Select the Volume for the USB/flash drive.
  • Then type LIST DISK to show the list.
  • Then type SELECT DISK x where x is the volume number of the list.
  • Now type ACTIVE.
  • Type EXIT to quit the DISKPART but do not close the CMD prompt window.
  • In the CMD prompt window, go to the location where you extracted the Windows 7 files on your computer.
  • Go into the BOOT folder.
    Type BOOTSECT /NT60 <drive letter>: where the drive letter is the USB drive.
    Example BOOTSECT /NT60 G:
  • Copy all of the files you extracted for Windows 7 to the USB/flash drive or from your DvD drive.
  • On the Computer where you want to install Windows 7, go to your BIOS and make sure that boot from USB is enabled and in the correct position in the boot sequence.

If you are facing any difficulty then you can leave a Comment.

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