How To Make any Windows Volume Louder Manually

How To Make Windows XP788.1 Volume Louder Manually

Many times the volume of the media files are very low, and its very much difficult/impossible to increase them. Increasing media player volume also not helps us, then there is one way to increase our system volume. Today we will learn to increase our system volume on any version of Microsoft windows especially in Windows xp , 7 ,8 or 8.1 :

It might have happened with you also that some of the media files have less volume as compared to other media files. We try to increase our media player’s volume or we try to increase our System volume but still it don’t help us because th file has low Bit-rate. If your system volume is in loud voice before only then it will be good for all media files on your Windows Computer as they will be played in loud voice only. So lets get started on:

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Note: For this Trick be sure that your Audio Drivers are installed Properly.

Here’s How To Make Windows 8 or 8.1/ 7 /XP Volume Louder Manually :

  • After you enter into the  speakers properties, select the ‘ Enhancement ‘ tab.
  • Then select the ‘equalizer – sound effect ‘.
  • Now select the ‘ … ‘ Box in front of the setting.4


  • Now adjust the volumes to full or as you like and then click on save.5
  • Enter the name of your choice and click OK.
  • Now select the name you entered in dropdown – in front of settings.


  • Now click on ok.

That’s all you are now ready with your loud volume on your windows. You can watch a video about this →

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