How to Open Links and Other Links


Going to a website and downloading any file which is linked with or other can be much difficult to Download. As we have recently came to know that and other link Sharing Websites are banned from many of the countries, which is a sad news for the users who use or other Links for earning money and Downloading any of the file.

But there are some ways to open the and other links by which you can easily use that Site in any of the Country. Use by a trick or you can even use it by many of the Proxy Sites. Because when you are Stopped by using these type of Sites, you get Some Steps away from Downloading that Important files.

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How to Open Links

  • Just put ‘s’ in front of http before any link and make it ‘‘.
  • Only by typing ‘s’ can help you out.

If this Method doesn’t works perfectly for you then you can use Websites for Using these Links Anonymously. Just copy and paste the link address of to open it. Enter from these Sites to Open your Links:

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