How to open ISO image files directly

How to open ISO image files directly

There are many times when you want to open ISO Image files directly instead of extracting it from Winrar/Winzip/7-zip/File-Explorer or some type of Software’s. When we want to install any type of Software/Application or even your favorite games on our PC, then we can Open ISO image by following these simple steps.

Image files can be created by Nero or any type of Image creating Software/Application. Image files Stores our precious Data in the type Image of our CD/DVD’s, which means we can use our Image of CD/DVD’s whenever we want. As real CD’s/DVD’s gets corrupted or you might loose it due to some reasons. These Image files Stores our data easily and Protects your Image Files from any Damages or from Virus Infections.

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When these Image file’s are opened directly or through some types of zip Softwares then they don’t work correctly or are of no useWe will use a software which is called Daemon Tools as it is available in many Version and it is the an Incredible ISO opener so far. You can go for different ISO opener’s as there are many Softwares for opening your ISO image files. Image files can be in different formats as .ISO, .NRG, .DMG, .FVD, .NDIF, .QCOW, .UDIF, .VDCCD/IMG/SUB, .CUE/BIN, .CSO, .DAA, .IBP/IBQ, .ISZ, MDS/MDF, .MDX, .UIFI, .VHD, .VMDK, .WIMADF/ADZ, .DC42/DART, .DCF, .DMS, .IMA/IMZ VFD, and many more. But, the Daemon Tools only conxentrates on Opening the Image Files which may be of any type, So Lets get Started on this Tip/Trick which shows you that:

Requirements to Open ISO image files directly:

  1. Daemon Tool or other ISO File Opener.
  2. Any Computer or Laptop.
  3. Any Operating System.

How to open ISO image files directly:


  • Now open your Downloaded file by double-clicking it and if it asks for Update then Update it.
  • It will show you a Welcome Screen after Opening and it will ask you to select your Language, you can choose you desired Language.
  • I will Go with English Language, 
  • Then you have to click on ‘ Next > ‘.

How to open ISO image files directly - 2

  • It will show you its Licence Agreement as you Can read it and if you agree on it click on ‘ I Agree ‘.

How to open ISO image files directly - 3

  • Now it will Show the Licence Type, you can go for Paid Licence also.
  • My is Free One so i will go for free licence.

How to open ISO image files directly - 4

  • It will ask you to choose the Components to be Installed.
  • Select as per your Comfort and click on ‘ Next > ‘.

How to open ISO image files directly - 5

  • It will ask you for Express Install, click on ‘ Next > “

How to open ISO image files directly - 6

  • At last, it will ask you for The INSTALLATION PATH, leave it as it is or Select a different one.
  • Click on Install.

How to open ISO image files directly - 7

  • Wait for some second while your Software gets ready.

How to open ISO image files directly - 8

  • Congratulations, as your Daemon Tools is ready to Run, Click on Finish.

  • Now, i will GoTo my computer and I will Open an ISO image of windows 7.

How to open ISO image files directly - 9

  • As you can see that a New Virtual Drive Named : ‘ BD-ROM Drive (F) ‘ has appeared including Windows 7 with boot-able files.

By this method you can  run your Image files stored in .iso, .nrg or several other formats as mentioned above. it is good for the peoples who use Image files now and then, as it saves your CD’s/DVD’s to get corrupted.

You can watch a Video on this → 

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