How to Play all Videos in HD on YouTube

How to Play all Videos in HD on YouTube

You can play all of the videos on YouTube in High Definition if it is available in HD, Back to Back without changing its resolution. The days of changing Video Resolution manually are gone for Youtube viewers, as an Extension will help them in doing this change on their Google chrome, Firefox or Opera Browsers.

Viewing videos in normal or Low resolution with high Speed Internet or changing the resolution to HD for every Video can be irritating, if it has happens Always. In such cases there is an extension available through which you can play any video on Youtube in High Definition or in 4k, depending on the Resolution. Many other features are also Added with this Extension which will Completely Change the Actions when you are Watching your Youtube Video on those Browsers.

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Let me explain  you that how it will work on your Chrome, Firefox or Opera Browsers, if you set it to 2160p(4k) or 1080p (HD) videos then all the videos will be played in 2160p (4k) or 1080p (HD) only and if that Resolution is not available then the Highest Resolution among different Resolutions will be Selected. Also with the Resolution feature, Many features Such as Auto-Play, Repeat Mode, Cinema Mode, and the Most Important of them is that you can Control your Youtube Video Volume with the Scroll Button of your Mouse.

Requirements to Play Videos in HD on Youtube:

  • Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera Browser Installed in your PC.How to Play all Videos in HD on YouTube
  • Magic Actions for Youtube – Extension.
  • Working Internet. (Most Important)

How to Play all Videos in HD on YouTube:

  1. Install Magic actions for Youtube on your Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera Browser.
  2. Now play a video on Youtube and at top next to address bar you will see an icon of Magic Actions.How to Play all Videos in HD on YouTube 1
  3. Then click on that icon and select option which will open Magic Actions on new Tab.
  4. Now scroll down to option of Resolutions and select your preferred Resolution for video.How to Play all Videos in HD on YouTube 2
  5. Now all of your videos will be played in HD on YouTube with Multiple Controls.

By Installing the Magic actions on your Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera Browsers, you can get several options like Auto-play of several videos, Hiding Ads of Youtube, Enabling Auto Wide of Video, Bypass country, always use Worldwide / English, Enabling Cinema mode and many more options. Mark the several options for Youtube and enable the power for videos on Youtube.

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