How to Play Games with a Physical Controller on Android

How to Play Games with a Physical Controller on Android

It is possible to play Games with your Physical Controller on your android phone’s which is delightful if you like to play games on your Android Devices. There are tons of great games available on the Android platform, but playing them with an onscreen interface isn’t much fun. You should try these Controllers if you are a Hardcore gamer.

Leave the fake buttons which are provided by the games and start enjoying your games with a comfortable Physical gaming controller. Modern Android phones are powerful little devices that can play a wide array of new Android-specific games as well as a huge number of emulators(Applications) which in turn open the door to playing thousands of awesome Latest and vintage games.

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The only problem, is that outside of one or two basic Android phones are designed with gaming in mind (and thus it has a built-in game pads). While this might work for turn-based strategy games where the action is slow and you have plenty of time to tap around on the screen, it’s a horrible setup for anything that involves speed as the touch screen buttons are difficult to use. Your fingers are blocking part of the screen at all times.

Before we proceed, there’s an important consideration based on what version of Android you’re running. The best Android-based Wiimote control app on the market right now has been temporarily disabled by Android 4.2 (it works fine on everything from Android 2.0 to 4.1). Hopefully the developer is able to iron out the issues with the changes to Android’s interface system(UI) soon. In the meantime, however, that means that setting up the MOGA controller is a better solution for Android 4.2+ users as we don’t have to deal with using some of the flakier Wiimote control apps in the Play Store. So lets get started on this trick:

How to Play Games with a Physical Controller on Android:

How to Play Games with a Physical Controller on Android 1Playstation DualShock 3:

PlayStation DualShock 3 controller to game-on your Android device. All you’ll need is a PS3 DualShock 3 and a OTG cable — no need for any rooting or hack.

To make this work, you’ll need to make sure you have the following:

An Android device that supports USB.
A PlayStation DualShock 3 Controller.
An OTG (On The Go) Cable.How to Play Games with a Physical Controller on Android 2

Once you have everything necessary things, it’s as easy as plugging the OTG cable into your Android device, then plugging the DualShock 3 into the OTG using the USB charging cable. From there, all you have to do is turn on the controller and you’re good to go.

For a grab-and-go gaming experience, try to find games that already have built-in gamepad support (most of the top FPS games do). Now, if you were hoping to use your DualShock 3 controller wirelessly, you can. You’ll just have to root your device and download the Sixaxis app from the Play store.

WiiMote:How to Play Games with a Physical Controller on Android 4

For the Wiimote users: To follow along with the Wiimote portion, you will need the following items:

  • Wiimote.
  • Wiimote Controller App (Free).
  • (Optional) Classic Controller.
  • (Optional)  Universal Smartphone Clamp.

The Classic Controller is an optional add-on but certainly a welcome addition for games that require more complex button mapping like emulated N64 games. It’s really nice to have something to hold all together (either in your hands like a tradition controller+screen gaming unit or via mounting to a nearby surface like a desk or airplane tray).

To that end, we found a smartphone clamp that works extremely well. It’s a bit hefty in your hands but it was the most versatile clip we found. It works perfectly to clip the phone to the Wii controller, to clip the phone to nearby surfaces, and it’s sturdy enough that we were never afraid that our phone was going to take a spill.

If you already have an extra phone mount lying around, you can experiment with modifying that. You could also look at some of the clever ways people have created gaming mounts for their Android/Wiimote combos like this bicycle phone mount/Wiimote mashup or this modified Wii Mario Kart wheel turned phone mount.

MOGA:How to Play Games with a Physical Controller on Android 3

For the MOGA users: If you have opted to use the MOGA Mobile Gaming System, you will need the following items:

The MOGA gaming system has a built-in smartphone holder so you don’t need an extra clamp or holder. That said, we really enjoyed using the Universal Smartphone Clamp described in the Wiimote section to mount our phone wherever we wanted and also used it with the MOGA.

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