How to Recover Deleted Files of Facebook

How to recover files on facebook

Some of yours pictures, messages or videos are deleted mistakenly or due to other reasons from your Facebook Account and now you want it back as these pictures, messages or videos were very precious to you. Wait ! you don’t have copies of that documents also.

     It’s quite interesting that Facebook provides this facility also to their users, so that they feel safe for their pictures, messages or videos uploaded on Facebook. May be it was not your fault that your uploading’s were deleted from Facebook, it was your friend or your family member or your neighbour or someone else – these excuses doesn’t matters with facebook. Facebook only records the Recent Activities in your Account and nothing else.

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     Your deleted pictures, messages or videos are safe on facebook, because facebook keeps a track of your activities and Records that what all things you have done. It also keeps the record of all the uploading’s from and to a specific Account. So if you or someone else deletes your pictures, messages or videos then you don’t need to worry about your files because everything is safe here. Facebook will never let down their users and will provide all the best services to their users. So let’s get started on:

How to Recover Deleted Files of Facebook

  1. Open your Facebook Account.
  2. Then goto your General account Settings.
  3. After you open your general settings, you will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data.How to recover files on facebook - 1
  4. On the Next page you will see a Download Archive Button.How to recover files on facebook - 2
  5. Click on it and it may ask you for your password.
  6. After that it will send a download link to your Email-id which you have on facebook.
  7. After this you can open your Email Account and you will see a message from facebook which
  8. have a Download link in it.
  9. Your downloaded files will have all of your pictures, videos , comments and many things.
  10. The Files will be in .html format so you will have to double click on the file and it will open in
  11. your browser.
  12. The File will open up in your browser where you will have access to all your data.

So from now, if you upload anything on Facebook then don’t worry about that file. As after that, it will be the responsibility of Facebook to keep that document safe with it. Tell us that this trick helped you or not ? Happy Face-booking.

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