How to Reset or Change Forgotten Password of Windows

Forgot your Password and want to enter in your account is not an easy Task to accomplish. It also happens that you have changed your Windows Password and forgot the third or fourth letter, still there is no problem to deal with such situations. Formatting your Hard-Drive or even Re-Installing your Microsoft Windows can’t even help you out from loss of data.

There is a quicker and more elegant way to get out of this situation. Just run Reset Windows Passwords from a bootable CD or USB and reset the forgotten password or unlock the account. It’s a matter of a few minutes, Reset Windows Password is the most powerful solution for recovering or bypassing all types of Windows account passwords: user’, administrator, Active Directory accounts, and domain administrators.

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Features of Passcape Reset Windows Software →

  • Simple, intuitive graphic interface.
  • Resets and modifies passwords of local users and administrators, domain administrator, Active Directory users, DSRM account.
  • Enables and unlocks user accounts.
  • Disables the password expiry option.
  • Dumps password hashes from Active Directory.
  • Dumps domain cached credentials.
  • Supports all versions of NT-based Windows, including the Windows 10 TP. Windows 8+ LiveID accounts are fully supported as well.
  • All editions include the utility for creating a bootable CD/DVD/USB disk from the downloadable ISO file with the application.
  • Supports 32/64-bit Windows.
  • Deletes passwords and other sensitive data from the computer.
  • Searches for lost product keys.How to Reset or Change Forgotten Password of Windows

How to Reset or Change Forgotten Password of Windows

Note: Before starting the process, disable your antiviruses.

Step 1: Download and install Passcape Software’s Reset Windows Password

Step 2: Download and Install the isoBurner to write/burn files to your CD/USB Drive.

Step 3: Open isoBurner.

Step 4: Select any 1 from the Options and choose the Reset Windows Passwords ‘iso’, then click on ‘Next’.How to Reset or Change Forgotten Password of Windows 1

Step 4: Select your USB Disk and keep ‘Bios’ selected for ‘Target PC’s firmware interface’

Step 5: Click on ‘Create’ and restart your PC to enter the setup.

Note: Select priority boot device to CD/USB in Bios Settings.

How to Reset or Change Forgotten Password of Windows 2Step 6: Press any key to start Set-up and the Options as it is.

Step 7: Now select the Account that you want to Unlock and click on ‘Next’.

Step 8: Type your new Password or leave it blank for no password in the ‘New Password’ field.

Step 9: Click on ‘Reset/Change’ password and ‘Do Not Create a Rollback’ for it.How to Reset or Change Forgotten Password of Windows 3

Step 10: Click on ‘Exit’ and its Done.

Note: Many of the windows users use it to enter in others Windows PC.

On some Windows Computer the mouse fails to run, at that time you have to use your keyboard’s ‘TAB’, ‘Arrow Up and Down’ and ‘Enter’ keywords. Share this article to inform your friends also.

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