How to save battery life on your Laptops

How to save battery life on your Laptops

Your Battery is one of the important part of any portable device as it is what makes your portable device truly portable. Everyone who has uses a laptop knows that how it feels when your laptop battery is about to die. Most of the laptops comes with some hours of battery backup, but due to some reasons the backup time can be much lesser. It would be good if your Laptop have some more extra battery if you are somewhere else only by Disabling some of the Programmes.

You can use this methods on your Computers also to save some amount of energy. This trick will help us to Save Laptop Battery life by applying some of the settings and by changing some programmes Methods. So let’s get started with this trick on:

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How to save battery life on your Laptops:

1. Use Power Saving method:
The more running tasks your Laptop has, the more power it consumes by reducing the battery juice. In simple terms, close any unwanted program or background tasks, which you think is not necessary.

Turning or switching our Desktop/Monitor OFF during the Long processes is very good to save our Laptop’s energy as Only our CPU is in use. It is good trick when we do it for long processes like copying some files to USB/Flash dive, converting videos or any other long process. Your Desktop will be Active again as soon as you touch your Mouse or you press any key on your keyboard. You can see: How to turn off desktop on windowsHow to turn off desktop on windows

2. Screen Brightness:
Screen brightness plays a major role in deciding your Laptop battery life. You don’t need bright screen all the time, adjust your screen brightness according to your requirement. Reducing the your Laptop screen brightness will give you some few extra minutes of backup and that few minutes can range up to 1 hrs.How to save battery life on your Laptops 1

3. Disable Wireless Network Connectivity:
If you keep your Laptop always connected to Internet by using 3G or 4G USB modem, then it is recommended that you disable or unplug them when they are not in use. Turn off your WiFi or Bluetooth if they are not required by you.How to use computers Internet as WiFi hot-spot on Windows

4. Remove your DVD’s from the Drive:
Most of the times we leave our DVD’s in our DVD drive when our work is done and it spins every time you restart your Laptop or Computer. DVD drives consumes a lot of power to read your disk. If you don’t use this DVD frequently then it is better to keep your DVD drive empty to improve your Laptop’s battery life.

5. Disable Windows or other Automatic Updates:
Every Microsoft Windows running Laptop has automatic Windows Update feature Enabled. This feature allows our Laptops to directly download any update available for our Laptop’s. Now if you are on Battery Mode then it is recommended that you disable automatic windows update, and try to update your Laptop when you are connected to the Some Power Sources.How to save battery life on your Laptops 2

6. External device:
If you are using your Laptop on battery, then remove any unnecessary external device connected to your Laptop. Like External DVD writers, External HDD/SSD or Other removable devices.

7. Hibernation and Sleep Mode:
If you are leaving your Laptop for few minutes of time then put it in on Sleep Mode. If you are taking a long duration then use Hibernation mode. In both modes, your Laptop will consume less power without closing any of your background tasks. this modes are usually found next to your Shut Down Button.How to save battery life on your Laptops 2 3

This methods are really useful for your portable devices such as Laptops. 

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