How to speed up internet of wifi internally on windows 8/8.1/7/XP

Today we usually face problems or slow internet speed even if we have a high speed connection through wifi. It is also irritating and disturbing that we don’t get the speed as we have paid for the internet speed. We will use a trick in order to make our speed of internet normal according to the plan for which we pay.

Number of times there are some problems that our ISP (Internet Service provider) say that there is no problem in your internet connection but then also we get slow speed While connected through wifi. We have to make only some changes in our Network and sharing. It also leads you to speed up your Internet through wifi. So don’t worry as the following trick might help you.

Note: Sometimes your neighbor or your friend might be using your wifi, thus resulting in slow speed.

How to speed up internet of wifi internally on windows 8/8.1/7/XP:

  • Open your Control Panel → then open Network and Sharing → and then navigate to Change Adapter Settings.


  • As now you are in Adapter settings, you have to select the connection through which you have Connected your wifi router.
  • I am connected through the Ethernet (which is of my wifi).
  • Now, right click on your mouse and select properties.


  • Now select Configure.


  • Now click on the Advanced Tab → and scroll down to Speed and Duplex.


  • In front of Speed and Duplex there is an option of Value.
  • Select 100 mbps Full Duplex option from the Drop-down click OK.

Now you don’t have to worry if you are connected through wifi Router as your wifi connection from your Computer is routed to Maximum Speed. Enjoy Your Full Speed of Connection through wifi router.

Did You Know:

  • This trick doesn’t shows your increase in speed but helps your internet connection through wifi router at Maximum Level.

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