How to speed up your Andriod

How to speed up your Andriod

A new Android Device works perfectly fine as it is new and it doesn’t cause any problem to you. But it starts causing some problems as it becomes old and we cannot use many of the heavy programmes on our Android which might be disappointing to us. We can keep maintain its speed by keeping some-things in our mind and by taking some precautions.

Android users are always happy because of the services which are offered to them. But sometimes they face problems because their device starts lagging due to many of the problems which they also even don’t know. This might be due to their internal memory might have been fully loaded or their files chache have been fully or they have installed too many Apps which they don’t even use also. We will take a closer look on the problems which causes trouble to your Android Devices.  So lets get started on:How to speed up your Andriod

How to Speed Up Your Android:

1. Free up your internal Memory:

→ Android comes with many of the Images, Wallpapers and Videos which seems good for new users but it becomes quite boring after sometimes and you should delete all these  Images, Wallpapers and Videos.

→ Considerably the Images you take of your Camera also goes in your internal memory.You should change it to your Memory card. You can do this by Going to:  Setting → Apps menu → select the app →  tap on ‘ Move to SD ‘. 

→ Some of the Applications you install from play store account also goes in your internal memory. You should move this app to your SD/Memory Card. Some Applications like WhatsApp stores your your data in Internal Memory, you should move these data to your SD/Memory card regularly.How to speed up your Andriod 1

2. Uninstall/ Disable  Apps:

→ As new devices comes with limited Apps and services which are basic needs of your android. Later-on we install many of the Applications and Games which we want to use.

→ Uninstall some of the Unused Apps and to uninstall an App Go to →  Setting → Apps menu → Select the app you want to uninstall. But some pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled but instead they can be disabled. So Disable them so that you Devices can be Boosted.How to speed up your Andriod 2

3. Clear your device Cache:

→ The more you use your device the more cache data is stored on your device by Apps and Games. Your devices can be boosted if you delete your cache of these Application and Games. you can delete this manually by selecting each of the apps on your devices. For this Go to →  Setting → Apps menu → Select the app → Clear Cache. Or you can do this by clearing these cache all at once by this app → App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap CleanHow to speed up your Andriod 3

4. Disable Hidden Animation:

→ Android gives their users many of the advantages from others and it also gives plenty of services which might fulfill your needs of Having an Android Device. Some of the hidden methods are also associated with Android which most of the user doesn’t even know. Let’s share this hidden method which comes with your Android Device and which will give you the best service of Android which is called as Animation but it causes you trouble as it might slow down your device.
→ Go to: Setting → About Phone → Tap 7 times on Build Number and It will open Developer Option on the device.

Note: Some users need to root their device for this option.

→ Now again Go to: Setting → Developer Option → Drawing options.
Now turn off Window animation Scale, Transition animation scale and animator duration scale.
This will turn of all the animation effects and User Interface – UI will look simple but faster.How to speed up your Andriod 4

We strictly Recommend you. not to Activate this service as it might slow-Down your device. 
Did You Know:

  • Android is World’s Third Largest Popular Operating System in Cell Phones and Tablet.

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