How to speed up your Internet

How to speed up Internet Speed

Internet speed differ’s from person to person as per their Internet plan. Everyone cannot afford Hi-Speed Internet due to some reasons but still they can use Hi-Speed Internet by using some tricks which are possible and easy also. This trick will help you  with the measures to make our Internet fast which is good for our Computer or Laptop’s Internet speed.

You can do this by Increasing your Cache size, Allocating 100% Bandwidth, Stopping Unwanted Elements, Using Basic HTML and various other Methods. So let’s get started on this trick of:

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How to speed up Internet Speed

How to Speed-up your Internet:

Follow all of the steps below to Increase Internet speed.

1. 100% Bandwidth:
The first step to increase your Internet speed is using 100% bandwidth by default Windows holds 20% of your bandwidth for system requirement including Windows update. Now if you can get that 20% of bandwidth it will surely boost your Internet speed.

  • Press Windows Key  + R together on windows Computer or Laptop.
  • Now Window’s Run will appear.
  • Now type: ” gpedit.msc “.
  • Now you’ll see Group Policy of Windows.
  • Double Click on Computer Configuration.
  • Double Click on Administrative Template.
  • Double Click on Network.
  • Double Click on QoS Packet Scheduler.
  • Double Click on limit reservable Bandwidth.
  • Now click on Edit and Enable it by typing 0 (Zero) in Bandwidth Limit.How to speed up Internet Speed 1
  • Click OK to save the settings.

Because there is no reserved bandwidth now you’ll feel the difference in your browsing experience.

2. Block Useless Web page Elements:
When we visit any web page there many elements like images, Videos, Flash contents, Java scripts that are not necessary for the visitor, especially when you have to read only texts from the site and have no interest in those extra contents than it is better to block or avoid them from loading. Because the more elements a web page has the more time and bandwidth it will require to load the web page. So, just go to setting section of your browser and disable the unnecessary options.

3.  Load Google mail in basic html:
If you use Gmail or other E-mail Sevices than you can use basic HTML version of Gmail for faster loading of mails and data. When you open Gmail and if your Internet speed is slow then the web page will show an option at the bottom of the page asking you to load the page in basic HTML version, just click on it to load the Gmail faster. Other E-mqail services also have the services of Basic Html but you have to search for it.

4. Increase Browser’s Cache:
Web-browser’s cache is simply a place allocated on our computer where our Web-browser temporarily stores the Web-page informations such as images or other files and when we visit the same site again then the Web-page loads more faster than the first visit which is because of the cache-files of the website stored in our computer’s temporary memory.  See more more → How to Increase cache memory of Chrome or other Browsers. This can be increased if you want to and it wont cause any troubles to your Computer or laptop.

5. Changing DNS Server:
Slow DNS server can be the reason for your slow Internet speed. So changing the DNS server will result in fast and secure Internet connection. See it on How to change DNS server on Windows.

6. Use Google and Opera Mobile View:
Google Mobile Emulator is one of the best mobile emulator that can be used if you’re tied up with slow Internet connection. Using this will reduce the load time and increases the speed. Visit and use it to browse the web page faster.
Opera Mobile Emulator Lets you visit mobile version of web Pages directly from your computer since the mobile webpage’s are optimized for small device it results in faster browsing of the page from your computer as well.

7. Mozilla FasterFox:
FasterFox is a plug-in for Mozilla browser, which makes the Web Pages load faster while using Mozilla Web Browser. So we recommend you to add FasterFox if you use Mozilla browser with slow Internet connection.

8. Direct the URL by adding
Add after website’s home page URL or post URL, doing this will load the web page faster because the website will load through the nearest server of Coral Content Distribution Network. Like:

9. Internet Download Manager:
IDM is the most efficient browser for Downloading various file without blocking your Speed. IDM is a software application which helps you to download file from web page with better speed and resume capability. 

You may use other Download Managers also for Downloading various files.

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