How to stop Promoltional Email Ads in Gmail


Gmail is a huge email service which is updated recently and it is with updated with very usefull features. Gmail-Email is user friendly and also with easy interface which attracts the people to use it and it also attracts new users.

Three new tabs are now the new features of gmail as it provides you with new groups of Emails. As because of these new groups, you are now able to differentiate group of emails. Emails coming from Social Groups are in one tab. Emails coming for Promotion or Advertising agencies are in Promotions tab and Your original Emails are in one different group. But Sometimes we get rid of Emails coming for Promotions. So we will see on how to stop these promotions, as they disturb us.

How to stop Email Ads in Gmail:

  • Go to Settings → Inbox → uncheck the promotion option.

gmail ads

  • Then you have to save the settings.

So, now your Promotional Emails will be cancelled and you will stop reviving those annoying Emails.

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