How to Stop Start-up Apps on Android

It is good that your Android Devices runs some apps that are Automatically started as soon as you Start your Android Devices. But Sometimes these apps which start automatically are not liked by the users because it drains away your battery life and it may also slow down your android device.

Most Android devices comes with several apps which are pre-installed and such apps are never used by the Android users. These apps can be disabled from starting up and it can be stopped from consuming your precious system resources. As the Android users may want to start the application only when they want. So let’s get started on this Trick:

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How to Stop Start-up Apps on Android:

  1. Go to System ‘Settings’ and open the ‘Apps’ option from the list.How to Stop Start-up Apps on Android 1
  2. Then Swipe through the different columns and go to the column, which lists all the possible apps installed and Starts with your device.
  3. Then Open it and tap the ‘Force Stop’ button to Stop the app which is using Devices processor and then tap on the Disable button to stop it from showing up in the tray which is consuming your devices memory.

By Doing all these Steps you will be able to stop the apps from starting you apps automatically when you Start or Switch on your Device. For easy use, you can Install Start-up Manager or Other Apps for Start-up on your Android Devices.

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