How to Stop Windows Update

How to Stop Windows Update

Windows Update is most essential feature of the Microsoft Windows which is Activated by default when we install Microsoft’s Window or when we buy a new Computer or Laptop. We can deactivate/disable or Turn OFF windows Update at anytime if we want to, as there are no restrictions by Microsoft.

Windows Update usually connects to Internet to search for latest version of files and programme available, which can create problem for us. When Windows Update tekes place then it can take lot of your precious time in Downloading those updates. These Updates dont do a lot of change but they check your copy of Windows is Genuine or not, whether there are any corrupted files on your Computer, is there any bugs/errors or not, whether you are protected with any Antivirus or not and many things are updated with some programme or files.

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Updates can usually create some problems if your copy of Microsoft Windows is not Genuine. But for other users who are using Genuine Copy of Microsoft Windows are harrased by Windows Update as they frequently notifies that ‘Upates are ready . Click to install’. So the Genuine users and Non-Genuine users can Turn OFF the Windows Update Service. Let’s get Started with This trick on:

How to Stop Windows Update:

  1. Open your Control Panel by Windows Explorer → Computer → Open Control Panel OR Start Menu → Control Panel.How to Block or Unblock a Programme Access to Internet through Firewall 1
  2. Now go in System and Security → Windows Update.How to Stop Windows Update 2
  3. In ‘Windows Update’ option click on ‘Change Settings’ which is at left side of Screen.How to Stop Windows Update 3
  4. Now in ‘Important Updates’ select ‘Never Check for Updates’ from Drop-down options.
  5. Then Unmark the option of ‘Recommended Updates’ and ‘Who can install updates’.How to Stop Windows Update 4
  6. Now click on ‘OK’ to Stay away from those annoying Windows Update.

Don’t worry as turning OFF Windows Update on Windows Computer or Laptop’s is not difficult on any Windows Operating System Version. Windows Update can be turned OFF usually from control panel, just search for Windows Update.

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