How to Transfer Files between Android Devices to PC over WiFi

How To transfer files between android devices to PC over WiFi

We usually get various files (Image, video, wallpaper and more) on our Android devices which are very hard to find on our computer or it might be on our PC which are hard to be found on Androids. To Overcome these problems, AirDroid Application is here for Android Device which will help us to Transfer our Files and Notifications from PC’s running Windows, Mac, Linux and other Operating Systems.

This might have been happened with you several times that you want to transfer your files from PC to your Android Devices or from you Android Devices to your PC and It is quite difficult also to do it from your USB as it involves you to connect your USB Cable which may be difficult for you to find your cable if you don’t use your computer frequently.See Copy Windows Text, Links or Files to Android and Send Android Notifications to WindowsYou can use your Bluetooth also for transferring your data from PC to your Android devices or vice-versa. It will be good if you transfer your files over your Computers WiFi and your Android devices as it will take less time to transfer your files. This can be done through an Application which is available for your Android.

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AirDroid is one of the most popular app on Google play store and comes with rich set of features. By using this app you can do both task of sending and receiving of files between your PC to Android Phone. Some of the features of AirDroid are  – View Photos from your Phone in your PC, Send and Receive SMS from PC, Access Multi Media content like Music and videos, Use your Android phones camera on your PC, Take backup of APK files and more.

How To transfer files between android devices to PC over WiFi:

  • Download and Install AirDroid on your phone.

Note: Other Apps like AirDroid may have different Interface and options.

  • Now connect your Android phone to PC’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Then open AirDroid App in your phone and it will detect your WiFi/Connection Networka as soon as it gets started.
  • The App will give you an IP address.
  • Open your PC web browser and type the given IP address which you have got, in the address bar.
  • Now the IP address will connect you to the AirDroid.
  • You’ll see notification for confirmation on your phone from AirDroid.
  • Tap on Accept and you’ll be able to access your phones interface on your PC’s web browser.
  • Now in your PC you can see toolbox, click on File icon and from here you can select or view your Device folder and files also.
  • Then to transfer files, click on ‘File’ tab and select any file or folder from your PC and Once you select the file. AirDroid will start to send the files to your Phone.

There are many Apps available on the Play Store which can transfer files between Androids Phone to PC and vice-versa but this is the Classic One. If you want Some Advanced feature of AirDroid then you may go for its Pro Version. 

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