How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS

How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS

Sending or Receiving the contents of your Mac’s clipboard to your iPhone or ios devices usually involves sending yourself an email or message, but that has became quite old style and inefficient, plus these days there are better ways also.

Have you ever copied your text and pasted it on ios/iphones OR have you ever copied your text on ios and pasted to your Apple MAC Computers or Lapotop’s ? If not done then there are apps which can copy your Text or Clipboard text of MAC Systems and these apps can send your text to your ios Devices and vice-versa.

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With the Bluetooth LE function the transfer process is done on both the ends, which is Safe. Copy your text, phone numbers, URL’s and Images between your MAC and iOS devices very easily with a lightning fast speed without the use of Internet. You can copy several items quickly on your iOS devices, so that you can simply paste it without switching apps. See Copy Windows Text, Links or Files to Android and Send Android Notifications to Windows. So lets get started on these tips to transfer text from mac to iOS:

How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS:How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS 6


  • Scribe lets you copy anything from your Mac to your mobile device, without Wi-Fi.
  • Select text, links, numbers or small images, and simply press “COMMAND + SHIFT + X” to instantly transfer your selection from your Mac to your iOS Device.
  • See your sent history, copy, enter URL links, call or add contact numbers, and share items in a great interface.How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS 1
  • Scribe routes your snippet directly into other apps!
  • You can send an address directly into the Maps app, send copied text directly into Whatsapp as a new message or Twitter as a new tweet. By pressing “CMD + SHIFT + X” now gives you a menu where you can select the iOS app you want to send your copied item to. Just swipe the notification you receive, and let Scribe do the rest.How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS 2
  • Scribe uses Bluetooth with Low Energy; a new technology that constantly keeps your devices paired and provides a secure connection without eating up your battery life. You can literally use it all day and not feel the sting on your iPhone’s battery.How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS 3
  • Scribe doesn’t require a network connection to work. All you need are the devices you are already using.How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS 4

Scribe works on all Macs and iOS devices that support Bluetooth LE. Here’s a list of all compatible Mac and iOS models:

  • MAC:
    Macbook Air – 2011 or newer.
    Macbook Pro – 2012 or newer.
    iMac – Late 2012 or newer.
    Mac Mini – 2011 or newer.
    Mac Pro – Late 2013 or newer.


  • iPhone/iPod/iPad:
    iPhone – 4S or newer.
    iPad – 3rd generration or newer.
    iPad Mini – All generations.
    iPod Touch – 5th generation or newer.

Note: You can check your Mac’s model by clicking on the Apple Icon → About this Mac → More Info

Download → Scribe

If you Still are not convinced with this app then you can also use another app on iTunes Market. There is also an app that works on Wifi only which is called as Command C. How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS 7

Following are some of the features of Command C:

  • Copy & Share Text and Pictures between iOS and OS X , without even opening the app.
  • Command-C is a revolutionary app that makes easy to share, your clipboard between iOS and OS X (MAC) using your local WiFi network, even if the app is not currently opened.
  • Copy anything like text, pictures or url’s from your Mac or iOS device, open Command-C and share it to another device.
  • No need to double tap the home button, whatever app you’re currently using just paste it and then you’re done.How to Transfer Text or anthing between MAC and iOS 5
  • Track of every clipboards shared using Command C, by using the Clipboard History. Open Command-C, swipe left and check out the most recently shared clipboards. Tap to preview, Long Press to copy or delete.
  • Enhance your iOS workflows using x-callback-url’s and bookmark’s.

Compatibility’s are: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor.

Download → Command C

The Scribe and Command C are enough to transfer you Contents between your MAC Computer’s or Laptop’s and your iPhone, iPad or your iPod Devices.See How to test Online Speed of your Computer, Android, ios, Windows Phone or Wifi. The tension of quick transfer of file to your MAC and iOS devices has gone away by use of any one of these app.  If you have any difficulty, then you can ask us anytime. We are here for you.

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