How to Unroot Android Devices

Android can be rooted to other types of Operating Systems which you like by installing custom Roms but Many of the users of Android face the problem of Unrooting their devices and making it default as which was provided to you by Your Company. Some of the users root their device to use different software’s which are available on the Google Play market. It is not as difficult to Unroot your device.

Rooting your Android device is good as it Consumes your less battery and gives you the different experience of several Roms. Installing Custom Roms to use different Operating Systems or Some type of software which runs on rooted devices only is common for Android Users. Some of the users want to Unroot their android devices as they might not like their rooted devices. It is not that hard you think of Unrooting your Android devices.

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So Stop Searching for Software to Unroot your Android Devices, as you can do it by yourself from your Primary Super SU Application which was Installed after Rooting your Androids. and if your Super SU doesn’t gives you the option to Unroot your Androids then you can use the Application which is called as OTA RootKeeper on your Androids and Unroot it Easily.

How to Unroot Android Devices:

1. How to Use OTA RootKeeper?

  • Download and Install this app on your Rooted Android Devices.
    Get OTA RootKeeper_2.0.3:
    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2
    Mirror 3
  • Now open the App and click on Temp.un-root (Temp.un Root temporarily unroots your device).
  • Now again click on Delete su backup (Note: Clicking on Delete su Backup will permanently unroot your device.

2. SuperSU: How to use it?

  • Download and Install SuperSU on your phone.
  • Open SuperSU and Tap on Setting, then on Full Unroot.

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