How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB Drive

How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB

You can increase copying speed of your USB/Flash Drives or Pen drives, which is very easy and really helpful for you, as it will save your Valuable time. There are some changes which should be done on your USB/Flash Drives or Pen drives and these changes will help you with a blazing fast speed on your USB 2.0, which will give you the pleasure like you are using USB 3.0.

Copying files to your USB/Flash Drives or Pen drives and again Transferring that files to your or others Computer or Laptops is very common and we do it on daily basis. Transferring data to your USB/Flash Drives or Pen drives is a headache if there are too many files to transfer or the size of the transferring file are very large.

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There are many Softwares/Applications that can help you out in these type of processes or you can do Some manual changes which may help you in copying process. You can use any of the methods or all of the methods depending on the type of method which suits you the best. So lets get Started on this trick of:How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB

How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB:

How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB with NTFS:

  • Insert your USB drive to your Computers or Laptop.
  • Now right click on your USB and Select “Format”.How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB 1
  • In “Format Drive” Options only change the “File System as NTFS”
  • Now in “Format Option” Select “Quick Format”.How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB 2
  • Before Formatting you should save all your DATA.
  • Click on “Start/Begin” to Format your USB.
  • If you get any WARNING! that “you may loose your DATA” then Click on OK as you have Saved all your Data.

Note: Formatting with NTFS file System also helps you to Copy files that are larger than 4GB on your USB.

How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB with Policies:

  • Right click on your pen drive and click Properties.
  • Select your USB drive in “Hardwares Tab” and choose “Properties”.How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB 3

Note: It may show you an extra “Properties Dialogue Box”, then select “Change Settings”.How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB 4

  • Then, under the “Policies Tab” Select “Better Performance/Optimize for Performance” Option.How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB 5
  • Click OK for all Dialogue Box and your USB Drive will be ready for use.

Note : After Enabling this option “Safely remove hardware” or Eject your USB by right click on your USB Icon on Taskbar.

How to Increase Copying Speed of any USB with Softwares:

Copy Handler

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Copy Handler is a tool that while it sits in your system tray, can take over the file copying operations from Windows or monitor the clipboard for files. During a copy a small and simple window will appear with basic details, double clicking will give you the full window with a wealth of stats and past / present operations. There’s a number of pause and resume buttons, context menu entries can be added and an options window to configure most areas of the program.

ExtremeCopy Standard

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

There are 2 different version of ExtremeCopy, the standard free one and the full shareware version. Functions such as copy or collision options, window position, failed file recovery and the buffer size are disabled in the free version, but you can still integrate it into Explorer to take over the standard Windows file copy functions. Pause, skip and verify are also present. A small options window pops out from the copy dialog using the arrow in the top left. For the USB stick a slightly older portable version is also available.


Mirror 1
Mirror 2

FastCopy is a tool that’s been recommended by a lot of people over the years because it’s a simple and yet incredibly fast file copier. There are a number of buffer options to tweak the performance even further, basic or advanced file filters, an NSA method wipe and delete option, verify and copy / sync / differential / overwrite copy modes. It also has several options for adding context menu entries and extensive command line options, although something missing is a pause or skip button. Watch out for the weird uninstaller where you have to rerun the setup exe.

FF Copy

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

FF Copy is relatively simple copying tool where you select or drag and drop multiple selections of files and folders onto the window and they will be copied or moved to the destination you select from the button or drop down. There are no other options to speak of and this tool probably functions best when you want to quickly send files from multiple locations to several different folders and then let it process them.

KillCopy is a copy tool that doesn’t look too great out of the box and the theme below called “Standart” was about the best built into the program. There are some downloadable themes from the website but they aren’t that great either. The program itself has several useful features such auto resuming after a system crash, parallel copy mode and several boosting and buffer settings to try and eek out that extra few MB/s. KillCopy can place copy and move entries onto the context menu and can also be setup to be the default copy handler replacing Explorer.

Note: You may searh and use other Softwares also to copy your DATA.

These methods for transferring files to USB or from USB to your Computer or Laptop’s is very easy to use and are very useful for everyone as it saves your Time.

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