Increase System Volume of Windows 10 by 200%

After Getting the Microsoft Windows 10 Update or after Getting the Brand New Version of 10, the biggest problem that Most of the users face is that the System Volume is too low. It is not a problem as it is done Purposely because windows 10 is More Concerned about their Users this Time and due to that, it has taken Precautions about the Listening Capacity of their Window Users.

Windows 10 offers you Many of the Great Features than Compared with other Operating Systems and Believe Me that they are far Behind Windows 10. I don’t know about the Future but at this time Windows 10 is the Best OS and will be Best for Some More Years from Now. It doesn’t Means that it has Gone far from other OS as it also Needs Some Make-over.

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Leave the Worries that System Volume of your Windows 10 Cannot be Increased. System Volume plays an Important Role while you Play Different type of Media Files. If the Media File have Low Volume than Other Media Files and your System Volume is also Low then you may Face some difficulty in Listening to that Media File. If the Equalizers of Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC or other Media Player are not Doing the Job for you then You Need to Set your System Equalizer.

Requirements to Increase you System Volume:

  1. Windows 10. (Basic, Pro or Other Versions)
  2. Sound Driver Installed on your Computer or Laptops. (for Smooth Access)
  3. Autograph from Tom Cruise. (Optional)

How to Increase System Volume of Windows 10 by 200%

Step 1: Right-Click on the Sound icon which is Located on Bottom-Right of your PC Screen and Open Volume Mixer.

Step 2: Click on the Speaker icon which will be your Current Listening Device.

Step 3: Now in Speaker Properties, Navigate to Enhancement Tab and Open its Settings.4

Step 4: Adjust the Equalizer According to your Listening Capacity and Save your New Preset by giving a Name to it.5

Step 5: You can also Select Various Presets which are available in Preset Settings.6

You can also Select Various Preset option which are Given in Enhancement Tab instead of Going in the Equalizer Settings. If you know some different Method to do this Type of Changes with System Volume of Windows 10 then you can Leave a Comment. 

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