Manage Internet of your Computer

Manage Internet of your Computer

If you are Still Living in the Environment which gives you Minimum Statistics related with your Internet Connection then the Wait is over. Here is an Application to Give you the Detailed Statistics when you get Connected with any Network. You will also Get to Know about your Remote Server Usage: if you are Connected.

If you are not willing to Open your Windows Firewall for blocking Some of the Applications Internet Access as they are quite Confusing and also if you are always Concerned about your Network Security, then this Glasswire Application is Must for you. By using this Glasswire Application, you can also Monitor your WiFi Connections which Slows down your PC by Resulting in Low Bandwidth and Low Internet Speed.

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Just Install the Glasswire Application and get Detailed Statistics Regarding your Internet Connection with Clear Graphs. Always be Informative Regarding your Applications Connection and also get Notified if any of the Application will try to establish a Network Connection. Some Additional Features that are offered by the Glasswire Application are:

  1. Virtual Network Monitoring.
  2. Internet Security.
  3. Network Time Machine.
  4. Discreet Alerts.
  5. Bandwidth Usage Monitor.
  6. Remote Server Monitoring.
  7. Internet Privacy Protection.
  8. Lock Down Mode.
  9. Multiple Server Monitoring.
  10. WebCam/Mic Detection.

Requirements to Manage Internet of your Computer and Laptops

  1. Computer or Laptop.
  2. Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  3. Internet Connection on your Windows PC.

Manage Internet of your Computer and Laptops

Step 1: Download and Install the Glasswire Application on your Windows PC. If you face any Downloading Problem then Get it from these Mirrors.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Step 2: Open Glasswire and Navigate through the Tabs to get Details Regarding your Network.Manage Internet of your Computer 1

There are many Applications Available for Doing these type of Network Survey but Glasswire will Give you the Best Result. Glasswire will allow you to Manage your Network Connection by Saving the Bandwidth of your Internet if it is Used by your Neighbors.

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