Manually Disable the Data Connection of Androids

Manually Disable the Data Connection of Androids

Mobile Data Connection have became expensive in Recent Years by Costing a Lot on those Limited Data Packs. Along with the Cost, the Mobile Data has became Damn Fast, incredibly Fast. We also get Broadband and WiFi Service to use for our Internet, but the Network Operators of our Android Devices are always Ready to Charge for Internet even if the Data Connection is Off.

Sometimes we are Charged extra for our Internet Usage even if we have not Turned-On our Data Connection. Thus, we might search for Different Applications for Turning Off our Data Connection and these Applications are Alone enough to do it by themselves. But the Problem may arise when the App is removed or the SIM Card is Changed. You may also face Some Problem if a Kid or your Friend Unknowingly Turns On your Data Connection but you can Save Yourself if the Data Connection is disabled Manually.

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So to avoid Such Situations, we will recommend you to Manually Turn Off your Data Connection by Changing the Numbers and Access Point Names. It is the Same Process which is Used by Many Professionals for Completely Blocking the Access of their Android Cell Phone And Tablets Data Connection. Stop Relying on the Various Applications which Gives you the false Assurance Regarding your Data Connection.

How to Manually Disable the Data Connection of Androids

Step 1: Open the App-Menu of your Android and Tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Here is the point where you have to find Sim Card Settings and it may differ from Various Roms of Android Mobile and Tablets.

  • For Regular users: Tap on ‘More/More Setting’which will be below ‘Data Usage or SMS Counter’ and Open ‘Mobile Networks’.
  • For Rooted-Rom Users: Tap on ‘SIM cards’ which will be Below ‘Bluetooth’ and Scroll down to Open ‘SIM Settings’.Manually Disable the Data Connection of Androids 1

Step 3: Tap on ‘Access Point Names’ and Open the ‘Wap Name’. Which means that you should Open the Active or the Current Cellular Operator Account.Manually Disable the Data Connection of Androids 2

Step 4: Now you should Change the following Access Point Names and Port Number to any Name or Number.

  1. Name.
  2. APN/APN type.
  3. Proxy.
  4. Port.
  5. MCC.
  6. MNC.
  7. APN/Authentication type.Manually Disable the Data Connection of Androids 3

After Changing the Name and Numbers for your SIM Cards, you will not be able to Establish any type of Network Connection from your Androids. If you want to Establish the Data Connection again on your Device, then you have to Revert your Access Point Name Changes or you can also Import New ‘Network Settings’ from your Network Provider. If you Know Better Options to Block the Data Communication Permanently then feel free to Leave a Comment.

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