Play GIF Images on Android Devices


Play GIF Images on your Android Devices when rest of the Media Players fails to do this for you. No worries for playing the Photos in Movement which are also called as GIF Images on your Android Devices. We will show you some ways to create the GIF Images and even download them from Web.

Even though the Android Operating System was Launched on 5th October 2007, but still there is no inbuilt support of GIF Images and may support in its future Updates. Considering the GIF Image demand many of the Social Media and the Social communities have added this features with them. This Image Format was available from many years but was not added with some huge Tech Giants like Facebook, Androids and many more.

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In order to come out of these problems, here are some of the Android Applications which will Enable you to View and Create your different GIF Images. If you wish to create GIF Image from your Live Pictures of Camera or weather you want to combine and make the GIF Images from your Gallery Pictures.

There are Online GIF Image converters also but will not give you Complete Privacy even if you have secured them. So, to enjoy your GIFs which are made by your own Still Pictures or from your Android Camera – use these Applications.

How to Play GIF Images on Android Devices

1. Graphica Live Photo Maker

Graphica is that ultimate Application which has all the Tools that you Require to Make a Perfect GIF Image that will run on your Phone, PC or anywhere you want. Make Live GIFs from your Camera or even from your Still Pictures that were shot Previously. The process is quite simple while creating a GIF that first select the Images and then set GIF movement Speed. You may take a Live Selfie and Relive your Precious Movement or you may view your previous Images or you may download some new GIFs from Web by using GraphicaHow to Play GIF Images on Android Devices 1

2. GIF Player

GIF Player is that handy app which will not only help you to view your GIF Images but will let you download various applications that are pretty much Interesting. It will not Create any type of GIF Image from your camera or still picture but adds a Codec in Android Devices which can open any GIF Image from anywhere. Unlike other apps that gives you the freedom to Share GIFs, this app will do the same.How to Play GIF Images on Android Devices 2

3. GIFs App

Yet another GIF Image Downloader which specifically concentrates on Downloading Animated Images on your Androids. It has a Larges Library of Animated Pictures that will give you the freedom to download them on your Androids and even to share those Images with your Friends and Social Media. How to Play GIF Images on Android Devices 3

4. GIF Studio

This is most amazing app that I also like for Creating or even editing the GIF Images. This app can add Text to your GIFs, it can crop your GIF Images, it can create GIFs from your Devices Camera, it can make GIFs from your Still Pictures, this app can Increase or Decrease the Speed of your GIF Images and many more features are available in this App.How-to-Play-GIF-Images-on-Android-Devices-4

If you are mot satisfied with the Mentioned Apps then you may use these apps also:

GIFTY (GIFS) – It is another app that will enable you to Search and Download Animated Images from their huge GIF Library.

GIF Keyboard – Browse and search for your favorite animated GIFs and videos to send to your friends straight from Facebook Messenger.

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