Recover Data of your Windows or Mac

Recover Data of your Windows or Mac

If you are worried about the Data of your Hard Disk as there is no Solution Available for your Problem then you are wrong. There is an Application Available in the Market which is really Hard to Find but can Recover your Whole Hard Disk in few Minutes. It is also regarded as the most Powerful Tool to Recover all the Sectors of your Hard Disk even if you have formatted your Hard Disk.

It happens that you accidentally format the wrong Partitions or you may have Deleted the wrong Folder from your Hard Disk. You may also loose your Data due to Virus Attacks, Power Failure, Hard Disk Failure, Software/Applications Crashing and many other Unknown Reasons. But don’t worry about Such Crashing’s Because there are Applications that can Help you in Recovering Data from your Hard Disk whether you are using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac PC’s.

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So forget that your Hard Disk is of no use, if it has Met with Some type of External Damages, if so than First Repair it and then you can Recover your Lost files. The File System of your Hard Disk can be of Fat, Fat32, NTFS, ex-NTFS or Some other. It also doesn’t Matters that you are using Windows or Mac Operating Systems,  as the Main focus of this Application is to Recover your Lost Files of Hard Disk.

Requirements to Recover the Data of Windows or Mac:

  1. Computer or Laptops with more than 128 mb of Ram.
  2. 50 mb of free Hard Disk Space in your PC.
  3. Windows or Mac OS X.

How to Recover Hard Disk of your PC

Step 1: Download and Install the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery on your PC.

Step 2: Now you can Scan the Drive or Some Specific Areas that you want to Recover, as other Optional areas will be Visible to you.

Step 3: After the Scan gets Completed, you can Mark the files that you want to Recover.Recover Data of your Windows or Mac 1

By this Hard Disk Recovery you can easily Recover your Lost Data which can be Images, Audio, Video, Office Documents or other Types of File. This is the Most Easiest way of Recovering from your Manual Deleted or Auto Crashed Hard Disk. If you want to try some other recovery then you can iCare Data Recovery also. 

iCare Data Recovery Software can recover any deleted file, including documents, photos, mp3 and zip files, or even folders and damaged disks. Besides deleted file recovery, it is able to restore files from:

  • System error like bad boot sector.
  • Bad MBR.
  • Bad partition table.
  • Bad MFT.
  • Virus attacked file lost like destroyed boot sector.
  • MBR.
  • Human errors like format partition by mistake.
  • Delete partition accidentally.
  • Software errors like merging partition failure with Partition Magic.
  • Resizing partition failure.
  • Copy partition failure.
  • Ghost failure.
  • Supports any type of storage media (music sticks, cameras, flash drives, memory card, USB drives, etc)
  • It works with encrypted files and helps you recover data lost because of a virus attack or an employee’s malicious behavior also.

Try it for free: Mirror 1

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