Remove Duplicate Files from your Windows or Mac

Remove Duplicate Files from your Windows or Mac

Have you ever Wondered that which files are occupying Space in your Windows or Mac? If yes, then Stop thinking and Start removing those files which are using your GB’s of Space. We all have many files on our PC and at the Same Time, we might have many of the duplicates also for those Files.

It will be easy that if you can delete all those duplicate Files in a Single Click, which we find Difficult to do at a time. But there is a Software/Application which can do it for you very easily. Just Set the Location of a Folder where you feel that Duplicate File Exists and Scan the Folder, it will show you the Duplicate Files in that Folder.

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Easy Duplicate Finder (EDF) is that amazing and a Powerful Tool to find Duplicates of Mp3’s, Videos, Documents, Images, Sounds, Theme Setups, Softwares/Application Files or Other Files and it enables you to Delete it on your Windows and Mac OS. EDF makes deleting Files more Easier and Cool with various Options like Advanced Search, Live Preview of Searched files, Syncing with iTunes and it is Blazing Fast also. If you don’t believe it then give it a try.


1. Windows or Mac OS on your Computer/Laptops.

2. Easy Duplicate File Finder Software/Application.

3. Power Supply for your Machines. (Optional)

How to Remove Duplicate Files from your Windows or Mac OS:

Step 1: Download and Install the Easy Duplicate Finder on your Windows or Mac.
If you are facing problems then you can Download it from here.

Step 2: Open the Program and Just Select the folder that contains Duplicate Files.Remove Duplicate Files from your Windows or Mac 1

Step 3: Start Scan & you can see the Duplicates, Preview those files if you want to as Options will Emerge.Remove Duplicate Files from your Windows or Mac 2

Step 4: Right Click on the file or Mark all those which you want to Delete from your Windows or Mac Computer & Laptops.

Note: The free version of this Application/Software is Limited to Delete between 10-20 files.

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