Remove file from Cores of Android


Deleting a file Now-a-Days is not enough to Erase it completely from your Android Devices. If you want to Completely Remove any of the file from your Androids then you should completely Wipe them from the Memory because the Recovery Methods have become more Powerful and can Recover your Documents even after the Format also.

The Recovery process has became more concentrated toward Image files which are stored on your Android Devices, but rest of the files can also be Aimed if they are not Removed from the Cores. So, it is always advisable to Delete the files Permanently from the Cores (Depths) of your Android Devices and Protect your Private Information which will Ensure you 100% Privacy.

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It usually happens that you Delete/Erase an Image or other files which are really close to you but your file gets Recovered due to some of the Advanced Recovery Process. It also happens that you may Change or Sell your Android Device to some person who is more interested in your Business and may Try to Recover your Images or other files by Advanced Recovery. Also when you Give your Android Device to Some Professionals for Repair, then the chances are there that he may try to Recover your files or Credit/Debit Card Information.

In order to avoid such situations where your Personnel Data goes in wrong Hand. You should use these Mentioned Applications to Remove your files and to be at a Safe Side. Some of the following Apps are Free and some of them are Paid, whereas the Mission of both the Applications are Same with some small change.

How to Remove file from Cores of Android

1. Secure Bulldozer (Wipe Remove)

Secure Bulldozer is that Ultimate Application that will Permanently Delete the files including Images, Documents, Music and Movies in few Seconds. It will Wipe the Files of your SD Card/Memory Card and Internal Memory Completely and will leave no Clues of your Confidential Information. One of the Best Advantage of this Application is that it can Scan the Unused Part of the Memory and can even Erase that ‘Not Activated‘ Part of Memory.remove-file-from-cores-of-android 1

For Secure Bulldozer (Wipe Remove) Free Version.

For Secure Bulldozer (Wipe Remove) Pro Version.

2. File permanent full Delete

This is also a Paid Application which has less Support in Removing the Image files from your Device, means that Image files can be Recovered by some Government Authority or by Hackers. But there is a Good Support for other Data file and it cannot be Recovered by Anyone. A great feature that comes with this feature that it can Remove Data and Image file through a SMS if your Android Device gets Lost.remove-file-from-cores-of-android 2

For File permanent full Delete Paid Version

3. Zero Fill Permanent Eraser

A Master Application which is also paid App but can remove Images and other Documents from the Bottom of your Android Device where others can’t reach also. The only requirement for this Application is that it should be used after you format your Android Devices and according to this App, “the more Time you will use this App the more you will reduce the Risk of Data Recoveries”.

If you want to Get more Secure on Data Recovery then Use this App after you format your Device and again Format the Device. Do this Process for 2-3 times, So that all the Data Logs are Removed from your Device and your Personnel Details are completely Removed from Androids.

For Zero Fill Permanent Eraser Paid Version

4. Secure Erase with iShredder 3

If you are not looking for Complete Wipe of your Information through Factory Reset or a Format then this Application is Perfect for you. This is a free App which will Wipe the Documents that you will Select and will also Erase the footprints of Previously Deleted Files also. Usually the Footprints (Data Log Files) are stored in Empty Space of your Device which can be Removed only with the help of this Application.remove-file-from-cores-of-android 4

For Secure Erase with iShredder 3 Free Version

5. Complete Wipe

An amazing application that will give you freedom from different types of Advanced Recovery and will help you to make your Android Device ‘Unrecoverable’. Even if you want to Set the Time of Erasing the Data from your Androids then it will do it for you which will Erase/Wipe your Photos, Videos, Audio files, Bank Account/Credit or Debit Card Information with Internal Sales/Customer Information also.

This App is perfect Solution if you want to Sell, Change or Remove the Data before any Sort of Repairing.remove-file-from-cores-of-android 5

For Complete Wipe Free Version

If you are not Satisfied with the Mentioned Applications then here are some more Best Apps which will help you to Remove or Erase the Data Files completely from Android Device. Here are those Extra Apps: Secure deleteSecure WipeiShredder 3 PROiShredder EnterpriseAndro ShredderRemo File Eraser and many more are there on Google Play Store.

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