Remove Recent Activities of your Facebook Account

How to Remove Recent activities of your Facebook Account

The Weirdest & Devastating situation may come where you are not Ready to make certain Comment or Post but were made forceful to perform Certain Activities on Facebook. If such activities are easily Traceable then it’s Good or else some of the Disputes will get ready for you. So, it will be better to Delete your Recent Activities.

Like other Social Networks, Facebook also provides different ways to change the Recent Activities of the Account. Many of the users are aware of such and other facilities offered by Facebook but are not aware of using them when it’s most needed by them. It also happens that an Application or a Web-App is added for the convenience of a User but it Starts to show its true color (Posts anything, anywhere) after installing the App in the Users Account.

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If you are one of those guys who are looking forward to Revert the changes made by anyone or some of the Applications in your Facebook Account then stick to this Method for changing the recent activities & changes that were made without Permission in any of your Account.

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It’s not a big deal for the people’s who already know that how to do this type of changes, as they can do it easily without anyone’s help but will consider the users who are unaware of these facts. It doesn’t matter that you are doing these Activities Knowingly or Unknowingly as the basic purpose of this Post is to Remove the Unknown Activities.

This is a chart of your Activities on Facebook and basically Concentrates that what you’ve done and at which date. These statistics are Basic & Simple ones which will give you an Idea that what Right & the Wrong things are done by you or someone else, whether you are Aware or Unaware of such Activities.

Note: This method will not record the Messages of your Account.


  1. Facebook Account.
  2. Computer or your Mobile Devices.
  3. Nothing else.

How to Remove Recent activities of your Facebook Account:

Step 1: Login to Facebook Account and Navigate to your “View Activity Log” which will be on your ‘Timeline’.How to Remove Recent activities of your Facebook Account 1

Step 2: Then you will be taken to a Page of ‘Activity Log’ from where you can ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ the changes were done.

Step 3: Now you can easily ‘Edit, Delete or Change‘ the Recent Activities of your Account by clicking on a ‘Drop Down arrow which is in front of the Activities’.

How to Remove Recent activities of your Facebook Account 2How to Remove Recent activities of your Facebook Account 3

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