Remove Stock Apps of Android with Root and without Root


Remove the Stock Apps/System Apps/Inbuilt Apps from your Android Devices whether your Android is Rooted or not. These Apps are given for User Convenience, but users gets bored of them when a new Application Appears. You can also Move Apps to SD Card or Vice-Versa if you don’t want to remove them.

System Apps/Factory  Apps/Stock Apps/Inbuilt Apps/Pre-Installed Apps occupies Lot of Space on your Android Device and are difficult to Uninstall. But now you can Remove these System Apps or you can Move them to Internal Storage and free-up your Devices Memory.

Android users are not given the Facility to Remove these Stock Applications from Authority, but they can do it with the help of an Application or through their PC’s. Stock Apps are also known as Inbuilt Apps or Factory Apps, different People different Names. Whatever Name you can give to these Pre-Installed Apps but the motive is to Remove or Move them from Android Devices.

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First it was Impossible to Remove these Pre-Installed Applications if you have not Rooted your Androids. But now you can Remove or Move those Pre-Installed Apps from your Device even if you have not Rooted your Androids. So, here are some apps that will help you to Remove those Stock Apps if you have Rooted or not Rooted your Androids.

Remove Stock Apps of Android with Root and without Root

For Rooted Android Devices

1. System App Remover

System App Remover is only for Rooted Device and can do Lot more things with the Applications which are Pre-Installed or which are installed by you. This Application can Move the Pre-Installed Apps, it can Move SD Card Apps to Internal Storage and will enable you to do different type of things with your other Applications. This App also has a Pro Version which is Paid and is more Powerful then Free Version.remove-stock-apps-of-android-with-root-and-without-root 1

Download & Install System app remover (ROOT) Free Version.

Download & Install System app remover (ROOT) Paid Version.

2. Root App Deleter

Root App Deleter will Remove the Unwanted Apps from the Devices Internal Memory which occupies your Precious Space. This Application can even freeze the Apps which are Installed by your Android Manufacturer. It is Very Easy and Quick to Use. It can disable the Background Services of Android which Slows Down the Internet and Devices Performance.remove-stock-apps-of-android-with-root-and-without-root 2

For Root App Deleter Free Version.

For Root App Deleter Paid Version.

3. System App Uninstaller

It is Easy, Safe and Clear Uninstall Program for your Android Device. This Application will clearly mention you that which App is to be Kept and which Application can be Uninstalled. It will hide the System Apps and will show you Removable Apps, so that your Device Should be Safe even if the Apps are Uninstalled from them.

For System App Uninstaller Free Version.

For UnRooted Android Devices

Step 1: Download and Install Debloater Software on your Windows PC and Connect your Android Device to the PC. Also make sure that USB Driver are Installed to Connect your Android Devices and your Device gets Connected with PC. Download it from here:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Step  2: Enable ‘USB Debugging‘ on your Android Device which is under ‘Developer Option‘. If ‘Developer Option‘ is not Activated then you should Rapidly Tap 6-7 times on About Phone in ‘Settings‘ to ‘Activate it’.

Step 3: Now Open the Application and it will automatically Load the Apps Installed on your Androids. 

Step 4: Then you can Remove the Stock Applications which you don’t want to use.remove-stock-apps-of-android-with-root-and-without-root 5

It will be good that if you Root your Android Device before Removing the Stock Applications. Further,try to Adjust with your Stock Applications by moving other Data files to your SD Card if you are not Planning to Root the Android. Because Removing System Applications from your Android Device will cause you Instability with some problems. Whereas, Rooted Androids are Unaffected.

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