Reset Settings of Windows 8.1

Reset Settings of Windows 8.1 on any PC

Remember that Resetting the Settings of your Windows 8.1 will enable you to Re-install Windows 8.1 with a fresh copy and you will have to start again. Microsoft Windows 8.1 is one of the best Operating System which is released after the most popular Microsoft Windows 8. Being the best Operating System, it also provides some amazing features which are difficult to find on other Operating Systems.

Resetting the Settings of Windows 8.1 is part of those amazing features. Usually it is done on the Smartphones which have Operating Systems like Android or iOS. But Microsoft Window 8.1 developers have made it Possible to Reset the Settings of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Operating Systems also. It is not too difficult to Reset or Change Forgotten Password of Windows, but some major problems are solved by reset only.

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Be aware that, it may dump some of yours files or folder, so it is recommend that you should take a Backup of your important files and folders  before you reset the Settings. It may also remove some of your important programmes, which were installed externally (third-party software’s).  So from now on-wards, you should think of resetting your Windows 8.1 before you plan to Format your Windows 8.1 Operating System and you should also look to Repair Windows Instead of Formatting with the help of a Software, but still if you have problems with your Windows then you should reset it.

How to Reset the Settings of Windows 8.1

  1. Navigate to your Charms Bar and Type ‘Reset’ in search.
  2. Now click on ‘Remove everything and reinstall Windows’.Reset Settings of Windows 8.1 on any PC 1
  3. After this, the ‘Recovery and Update’ options will Open.
  4. Click on ‘Recovery’ and Select ‘Remove everything and reinstall Windows’.
  5. Then Hit the ‘Get Started’ button and Start the Reset Process.Reset Settings of Windows 8.1 on any PC 2

In some cases you may require to install the Drivers of your Computers or Laptop’s. Install the Drivers of your Destop/Laptop and Start using your PC again with a new Life. Install it from here: How to Update all the Drivers on any PC

Note: It is possible if you have inserted Windows 8.1 Genuine Media.

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