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Did you ever lost your Images due to a Factory Reset ? or did you ever lost your Images due to a Hard Format ? or did you loose your Precious File with an Accidental Delete ? If Yes then here’s a Good News for Android Lovers. Androids are Now made capable to Restore those Images and Files which were Erased from Androids Memory and the Great thing is that you can do it on your Own.

Many of the time it happens that you loose your Precious Moments Captured in the form of Images due to Factory Reset, Hard Format, Accidental Delete or due to other Reasons. First it was possible to Restore your Images from your Computer and Laptops only and Now it is made possible with Android Devices also.

So, if you want to Recover your Images, Videos or other files which were lost from your Androids due to some issues from the Internal Memory or even from your SD Card/Memory Stick then you can do it easily from your Android Device. Here are some of the Apps which will help you to Recover your Memories even if your Androids were Formatted or Restored Back to its Factory Settings.

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We would also like to inform you that these Application will try with their Maximum efforts to Recover your Files even if the Android Devices are Formatted with the same Operating Systems. However, if you have Installed New Roms on your Android Device which are not Official Roms then there are Less Chances for Recovery of your Lost Files(Usually done when OS Software gets Corrupted).

When we Tested these Apps on our Android Devices then they were working fine with Accidental Delete of Images and other files (JPG, PNG, MP4 / M4A / 3GP / MOV, GIF, MP3, AMR, WAV, TIF, CR2, SR2, NEF, DCR, PEF, DNG, ORF, DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, PPT / PPTX, PDF, XPS, ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG, ZIP, APK, EPUB, SNB, VCF, RAR), Recovery of Installed Apps and many other files.

Note: These Apps will Perform well to Recover Images but lacks at some points while Recovering other Files.

How to Restore Images of Formatted Android Device

1. Dumpster

Dumpster is an Application which claims that it will give you the freedom from Constantly Backing-up your Data to different Cloud Storages as DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft’s One Drive. The Recovery Process is with Advanced Features and Options which will recover the files which were deleted or erased before a year also. 

Dumpster gives you the ability to recover accidently deleted content including images, video, audio, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar and even your Uninstalled Apps. No need to root your device and even Internet connection is absolutely not required for Dumpster. 

Get it from Play Storerestore-images-of-formatted-android-device 1

2. Restore Image

As the Name States that it is an Application which Specially Concentrates on Restoring the Images of your Android Device or Memory Card. Just Scan, Preview and Recover the Image of your Androids within a few Seconds. You don’t need any Recovery Knowledge, Computer Experience, Prior Backup of Data, any type of Android Rooting or anything else. 

Get it from Play Storerestore-images-of-formatted-android-device 2

3. DiskDigger (Image recovery) – Root

The  Basic requirement to use this Application is that you have to Root your Android Devices. DiskDigger can Recover your Accidentally Deleted or Erased Images/Photos from your Internal Memory (Devices Memory) or Memory Cards. You can Upload your Recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox and you can even Send them via Email also.

  • If you want to Recover Images or Photos from your Android Device then use Simple and free Version of DiskDigger
  • And If you want to Recover some other files from Android Devices then you can use Paid Version of DiskDigger Pro

restore-images-of-formatted-android-device 3

Further, if you are not able to Recover your Desired file from SD Card or Memory Stick then you may try to Recover it from your Computer or Laptops. There are Plenty of Recovery Applications that can do this type of Recoveries to Recover files from External Storages.

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