Resume File Download on Google Chrome

Resume File Download on Google Chrome

Downloading many files on your Google Chrome Browser and Suddenly the Internet goes down !!! What will happen now ? If you are downloading files with any type of Download Manager then it is Ok, But if you are using Google Chrome for Downloading that file than you can run into Some type of Big Trouble which will interrupt your Download.

Many of us think that there will be no Problem if they will not Tune-up their PC’s for Resuming the Downloads on Google Chrome as they are Using Some Types of Download Managers. But you may get in Trouble when you are not Using any Type of Download Managers and using the Google Chrome Instead for Downloading any of the Large File. Take a Step forward and Set the Resume Option in your Google Chrome.

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How to Resume File Download on Google Chrome Browser on any PC:

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome Browser and Type ‘ chrome://flags/ ‘.

Step 2: Now Press ‘Ctrl + F’ on your Keyboard and Search for ‘ enable download resumption ‘.

Step 3: Enable the Resumption Option and Restart your Google Chrome to Apply the Changes.Resume File Download on Google Chrome 1

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