RIP CD/DVD/BluRay in VLC Player

How to RIP CD/DVD/BluRay in VLC Player

VLC Media Player has this capacity also and if you thought that just by performing Simple Copy and Paste of a CD, DVD or a BluRay Disc will give you complete freedom in Securing & Retrieving them? think again on it. Wait! It will be better if you Rip them from their Original State to Enjoy them later, as they are.

It happens that we want to Preserve our Purchased Discs in our Computer, Laptops or some other External storages. Considering this situation, we undertake simple Copy & Paste for Storing the media files. This doesn’t works all the time for Playing them easily but is good for keeping the Discs Safe. So, Instead of simply Saving them to your Hard Disks you can also Rip them.

Ripping process was first to Copy the contents of an Audio CD as it was not easy to save them directly in the Hard Disks of a PC. However, rest of the Discs like Mp3 or a Video CD were good enough to Save and Retrieve for Later use. Audio CDs, Video CDs & Mp3 Discs are used now also but other Discs like a DVD & BluRay also have Joined the Race.

As the Number of Media IO Devices are increasing day by day there is also need to Store them, in order to keep them Safe. Well, if you are looking forward to Rip with such type of Ripper to implement Ripping the Audio, Video or Movies of your Discs then you can do it itself on your VLC Media Players.

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VLC Media Player has many capabilities like Playing multiple media extensions or Playing online videos or Converting Video files, Converting Audio files, etc. With such great Operations Performed, Ripping different media Discs is one them.

So, instead of using different tools for Ripping your Media files of CDs, DVDs or BluRay you can do Ripping of these Media Discs in your VLC Player. Just select the Disc and select its type (CD or DVD), which can be converted to an extension of .avi, .mp4, .webm, .mp3 or some other type.

If you are facing any difficulty in Ripping the Media with your VLC Player then check at the bottom of this Article to TroubleShoot (Solve) it.


  1. VLC Media Player in your Computer and Laptops.
  2. Any Operating System.
  3. Applicable in any version of VLC Player.

How to RIP CD/DVD/BluRay in VLC Player

Step 1: Insert any of the CD/DVD/BluRay in your Disc (ROM/RW) Drive and Open VLC Player.

Step 2: Now click on ‘File’ and Select ‘Open Disc’ or you may also select ‘Convert/Save → click on Disc Tab’.How to RIP CD/DVD/BluRay in VLC Player 01

Step 3: After Opening the Disc Option you have to select your CD/DVD Drive and also select the type of Disc.

Note: If you don’t want to  Rip the whole Disc then you may select each file one by one or multiple files together for ripping.

Step 4: Then leave other Settings as they are and Hit on Down Arrow which is Next to Play where you have to select ‘Convert’.How to RIP CD/DVD/BluRay in VLC Player 02

Step 5: Now in ‘Convert’ Box, you have to select ‘Settings’ and the ‘Destination’ of the file where you want the Output to be Saved.

Step 6: Select the format of your file like .mp4, .avi, .mp3, etc to Rip them in your Desired Format and also Select the Place where you want them.

Step 7: Then click on ‘Start’ to begin with your Ripping Process and you can see the Progress on VLC itself.

Note: Before Proceeding to Ripping Process, Plese check that the Disc is working (Playing) in VLC Player or not. This is where most of the Drives messes up.How to RIP CD/DVD/BluRay in VLC Player 03

TroubleShoot the Process:

Usually, there are many of the factors which stop this Ripping Process in VLC Media Player. We have mentioned some of the factors which are responsible for such Holds in this Process. You may apply these Solutions which are mentioned here and Start the whole Process again:

1.Codecs: Codecs are used to enhance the Quality of a Media File but in some case they Clashes with your Applications. It doesn’t happens all the time but would create Problems for some Processes. You may remove these Extra & Useless Codecs for a better Ripping Process for some time and add them later.

2. Quality: Not a Big Issue but can be a Big reason behind such type of Barriers. Most of the time, it becomes difficult to Figure out that who is the main culprit, and after some time you may realize that the Poor Quality of your Media Discs is Stopping the Process. This can Stop your Process in between or may give you breaks in your Conversion, So, check them before you start.

3.Outdated: Also the current version of your VLC Player is to be considered as a RoadBlock. Sometimes, an old version of the Player doesn’t work in a Right Manner and because of it, you may face some trouble in the Ripping Process. So, it will be good if you Check for the Updates of VLC and Install the Latest One.

4.Restart: You can also Restart your Computer or Laptop and Repeat all the Steps from beginning.

5.Reset: You must Reset the Settings of your VLC Player to see whether that the things are back on Track or not. If still not working then Reinstall the VLC Media Player (users have reinstalled their OS also).

6. Additional Application: The last and the only hope after all of the Steps fail is to Install Additional Applications for Ripping the MultiMedia Discs. You may Install these rippers on Windows/OS X/Linux: DVDFab DVD RipperMakeMKV, HandBrake or some other Ripping Application.

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