Root any Android Device with TowelRoot

Root any Androids without Computer and Laptops

Rooting your Android Devices without using Computer or Laptop is a New thing that you must try to Improve the Performance and Capacity of your Android. In my Earlier Articles also, i have Showed you the Different ways to Root your Android Devices using FarmaRoot and KingRoot. But Still Some of the Users were facing Difficulties to Root, if you were one of them then this Trick is for you.

What is Rooting Android ? Why Rooting Android is a Necessity Now-a-Days or Is Rooting Android a Safe Process ? are the Questions Comes in our Mind. So be Cool and Understand the Fact that Rooting is a Process which Increases the Performance Level of your Androids even if it has got Old. Your Android Phone will be Blessed with a New Life After you Root it. Your RAM Size, ROM’s Size as well as your Apps Storage Space can be Changed or Increased along with Multiple Advantages.

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So if you want to Root your Android Devices then you can use FarmaRoot or KingRoot to Root without using your Computers. But Still if your Device is not Listed with them then you Should do it with TowelRoot which is Very Handy to Use. TowelRoot was Developed to Root Androids Running with KitKat Version Devices, But when tried on other Devices then it was able to Root them also. The Main Advantage of TowelRoot is that it is Compatible with all of the Device, No Specific Device list is Created for it. It has Some Issues with HTC and Motorola Devices, But can be Overcome by the Methods Mentioned Over Here. ‘Just Make it Rain’ on your Androids and Root it, if you didn’t got the Catchphrase than See the Trick. 

Requirements to Root your Androids without Computer:

  1. Android Phones and Tablets of any Version.
  2. Super SU and Root Checker to Confirm the Root.
  3. Battery Level must be more than 40%. (Most Important)

How to Root any Android Devive without Computer and Laptops

Note: Your Internet Connection Must be Active i.e. WiFi or Data Connection, while you do this Rooting Process.

Step 1: Download and Install the TowelRoot Application on your Android Devices of any Version.
You can Download it from our Mirrors:

Till Android 4.2

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Till Android 4.4.2

Mirror 1

Mirror 2


Step 2: If it Shows you that it has some Risk Involved then ‘Allow it’ because nothing will Happen.

Step 3: Now open the TowelRoot App and Tap on ‘Make it Rain’ Button.Root any Androids without Computer and Laptops 2

Step 4: Some Device Reboots Automatically for the First Time, So Again Tap on ‘Make it Rain’ after your Reboot gets Completed.

Step 5: Install the Super SU Application from Play Store. Open Super SU and Update it. Now Install it with Normal Process in Next Step.

Note: Please do not Tap on TWRP/CWM. Your Device will be Bricked.Root any Androids without Computer and Laptops 1

Step 6: Now you can Install any Root Checker to Verify your Root Status.

TowelRoot will Root your Android Phone or Tablets Just by Completing these Steps. I have done it on Sony Xperia M and i Hope that it will work with other Android Versions which are around Android KitKat. Even if the Procedure fail then also your Android will be Safe. So, Don’t Worry.

But if you are Getting errors that Device not Supported then Click on ‘Welcome to TowelRoot’ for 3-5 times and Write the Following Code & Click on ‘Make it Rain’. like – Put the Code 1 and Tap on Make it Rain, if it doesn’t works then Put the Code 2 and So on. I am sure that one of the Codes will Work for you. Some Device Take this Code Step as Temporary Root, so Restart your Device and See it with Root Checker.

Code 1: 1337 0 1 0 4 0

Code 2: 1337 0 1 7380 4 0

Code 3: 1337 0 1 0 4 1Root any Androids without Computer and Laptops 3

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  1. I followed directions to a T only problem I’m having is, my tablet won’t open the android_root-1.exe file … I enabled my security settings to allow unknown sources, I’ve enabled the debugging and everything so I don’t understand what else I need to do… Can someone help? Thanks so much!