Run Android Apps on Chrome

Yeah, it seems to be tricky but it can be done without using the software’s like Bluestacks or Youwave which we generally used for using Whatsapp and other apps on our PC. You will get some Freedom from using those tricky Bluestacts, as the Android apps can now be easily used on Chrome App Launcher itself.

Sometime it feels terrible to install other bulky Software’s on your PC and some of them don’t even run also showing you some tantrums. Forget all that problems associated with those Software’s and opt for using Chrome App Launcher. Android Applications are run on our Desktop/Laptops to avoid the inconsistency of privacy with our Android Phones or Devices. There are various other reasons to use the Android Apps on our PC and it can done with Chrome App Launcher which is the Common App Launcher for Chromium OS.

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Instead of being less popular when compared with other Software’s, still it offers you multiple apps that can be used inside and ARC Welder is the one which can be used in Chrome App Launcher. ARC Welder is the ultimate solution to use different Applications of Android. If you want to Test Various Applications or if you want to permanently run any of the Apps then Just Select the Storage Location on your PC and get ready for it.

Requirements for Using Android apps on Chrome:

  1. Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, MAC or Chromium.
  2. Latest Version of  Google Chrome.
  3. An Android Apps ‘.apk’ file on your PC.

Run Android Apps on Chrome

Step 1: Install the ARC Welder on Chrome Browser and it will Set-up your Chrome App Launcher also.

Step 2: Open the Chrome App Launcher and click on ARC Welder. You can see your all of the recent apps from Chrome App Launcher only.

Run Android Apps on Chrome 1

Step 4: Now Click on ‘Add your APK’ and select your Application ‘.apk’ file of Android.

Run Android Apps on Chrome 2

Step 5: That’s all, Run your app by Clicking on ‘Launch App’.

Run Android Apps on Chrome 3

Now at anytime, if you want to Run your App then Simply open your Chrome App Launcher (which is generally located in Start Bar/App Storage or on your TaskBar) and click on that Specific App. You can store it in zip format also by Clicking on Download Zip.

Note: If you Want to remove any of the app then you can do it from Chrome Browser also Settings → Extension.

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