Send Large Files on Whatsapp, Facebook or Anywhere

Send Large Files on Whatsapp, Facebook or a Anywhere

You can send Large Files on Whatsapp by using this Trick as it is not difficult to do on your iPhone or Android. Only some Steps and presence of your Mind will enable you to do it. So what, if Whatsapp rejects the Upload of Large File Size (i.e. in MB’s or GB’s) but it will not reject this Trick to Send Large File Size within your Network.

Using Whatsapp and Sending a file to some of the friend is blocked when you send a file which is large in Size. This is usually blocked when the filesize is more then the pre-determined limit by Whatsapp. We cannot define the actual File Size Limit of Whatsapp because it varies in Different Countries. But we will tell you the other ways to Solve this Difficulty of Limitation on File Size of Whatsapp.

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By using this Trick you can Upload file to your Personal and Private Network which will be accessed by only those who know its address. The file can be Downloaded on Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phone or any other Device that is connected to Internet. Just upload the files on your Own Network and Download the file which will be available at anytime & anywhere.

Requirements for Sharing Large Size File on iPhone, Android and other Devices →
1. A good Internet Connection.

2. Whatsapp. Facebook or other Application on your Mobile, Tablets or even on your PC.

3. Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive, SugarSync or other types of Link Sharing and Storage Apps (We highly Recommend you to use Google Drive as it gives Additional Speed in Some Cases and it has an easy UI to use on your Computers or Laptops also).

4. You should have an audio, video or any Large Size File (over 50 or 60mb).Send Large Files on Whatsapp, Facebook or a Anywhere

Send Large Files on Whatsapp, Facebook or Anywhere  on Net:

  1. Download and Install Google Drive on your Phones.
  2. Register/Log-in with your Google Account (It won’t ask you to do anything if you have done it before).
  3. Tap on red icon to Upload a File on your Google Drive and Select ‘Upload’ from Options (Don’t worry as your file will be safe over here).Send Large Files on Whatsapp, Facebook or a Anywhere 1
  4. Select any file from your Internal Memory or SD Card to Upload it to the Google Drive.
  5. It will take some time to Upload depending on your Internet/Wifi Speed.
  6. You can see the progress from Options → Uploads.
  7. After the Upload Finishes, Open the File.
  8. Then Tap on ‘Share Link’ and Select the app with whom you want to Share the File.Send Large Files on Whatsapp, Facebook or a Anywhere 2
  9. That’s all, If anyone Clicks on that Link then a ‘Download Web-Page’ will be Opened from where he can get that file.

If you are facing any problems in Sharing or Uploading a File then Watch this Video for step by Step Details on Sharing Links to Whatsapp, Facebook or Anywhere on Net →

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