Send Texts from Mac to iPhone

Copy your texts of Mac and paste that text to your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices and Check Calls and Messages of your iOS on MAC OR Messages of Whatsapp OR Check Notifications of your iOS Devices on Mac might sound a strange activity, but it is possible and you can do it easily. When it comes to Apple devices then you can do it easily i.e. ios to MAC Computers or vice-versa.

Have you ever Copied your texts on Mac and pasted it on your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices OR Have you ever Copied your text on iPhone and pasted to Mac Computer. If not done then there is an app which can copy your Texts or Clipboard texts of Mac Systems and these apps can Send your text to your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices and vice-versa. You can also get notified even if you get a Call on your device and you will also be notified if you have Some Missed calls also on your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices which is good. As these activities can help you a lot if your device gets Lost or if it is Stolen.

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As not even being with your iphone/iPad/iOS Device also can make you feel close to it. Messages also which comes to your iphone/iPad/iOS Device are shown on your Mac Desktop whether it is your Phones Message or a Whatsapp Message. Just get Connected with a software on your Mac Computer or even on your Web-Browsers and install App on your iOS Device and get ready to go. We will see how this app works, as it is of great use.

How to Send Texts and Files from Mac to iPhone

  • Download and install PushBullet app for Mac
  • Download and install PushBullet app on your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices
  • You can also Get extension of PushBullet on Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browsers for easy Access.
  • Sign-in with same account on your Mac and on your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices.
  • Click on ‘NEW PUSH’ and select ‘Note,File or an Image’.
  • Then type your ‘Message’ or you can attach any file to it.

Send Texts from Mac to iPhone 1

  • Now Click on ‘Pust it’ to get that text on your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices.

Now you can send Links or File also to your Android Device and Vice-Versa. PushBullet works with your iphone/iPad/iOS Devices and Mac Computer to send/copy your Text, Web Links or Files to each other with Notifications, if they are connected with your same e-mail id.

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