Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens

Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens

Microsoft Window Users having Dual or Triple Monitors usually face problems in Setting two or three Wallpapers for their Extra Screens. This is not a major problem but many Windows Users don’t even know about this Additional Feature provided for their Users Convenience. 

With Advancement of HDMI Support for Windows in their Graphic Cards, the Resolution and Support for 2 or 3 Screens have gone easy. Further, it is not a difficult Task to set different wallpapers and you can do this easily if you have two or three Monitors. When you don’t Set different Wallpapers on those Extra Screens then they will show you the Same Wallpaper which you have set for your Main Monitor.

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Following are the Three ways which will guide you in Setting Wallpapers for your Windows Operating Systems. These 3 ways will help you in Setting the Wallpaper easily without any Barriers, if the 1st Way doesn’t goes right then you can use the Second or the Third Way for Setting those Extra Wallpapers.

Requirements to Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens of Windows PC:

  1. Windows Computer or Laptops.
  2. Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or other Windows OS.
  3. Heavy or Moderate Graphic Cards with HDMI Support.

How to Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens of Windows PC

Step 1: Select two or three Images from your PC and Right Click on them by selecting the option of ‘Set as Background’.

Step 2: If your Images are not together as you want then arrange them by Renaming as 1, 2 or 3.Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens 1

Step 3: Still unsatisfied with the order then you can re-arrange the order by going in this Directory of your Windows PC: 


Step 4: The Wallpapers are named as ‘Transcoded_000’ or ‘Transcoded_001’, you can rename them to ‘001’  & ‘002’ for Changing their order. Then you can Log off or Restart your PC to apply the Changes.Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens 2

If this way doesn’t works for you then you can see the Second way for Setting your Specified Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens.

Step 1: You can also Set your Wallpaper through Desktop Background Feature, but it is kept hidden in Windows 10 OS. You can also Copy & Paste this command in your ‘Run’ to enable the Desktop Background feature: control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper

Step 2: Press Windows key + R together on your keyboard and Paste the Mentioned Code. Now Select your Wallpaper and Right Click on it to Set the Background for Monitor 1, Monitor 2, Monitor 3 or you can Set same Background for all the Monitors.Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens 3

If you Change Wallpaper Repeatedly of your Monitors then you can you can also download a Shortcut for your Windows PC from Step 3.

Step 1: Download this Batch file Shortcut if you Keep on Changing your Backgrounds.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Step 2: You can use this Shortcut for changing your Background Wallpapers. You can also use Desktop Background Option from Appearance or this Shortcut is Enough to bring up the Desktop Background Option.Set Wallpaper for Dual or Triple Screens 3

Note: It is not important that you Should keep this Batch file on you Desktop only. You can keep it anywhere.

It is recommended that if you are using Two or Three Displays for your PC then you Should use the Windows Versions which were released after Windows 8.1 like Windows 10 or Windows Server Versions for easy Access.

For more advanced control of your Background Wallpapers and Managing Dual or Triple Screen Monitors, you can use these Applications: DisplayFusion or Actual Multiple Monitors

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