Sort Every Type of File on your Windows

Sort Every Type of File on your Windows

Now it is easy to Arrange or Sort each and every type of file on your Windows Computer as a Tool has Arrived in the Market which will help you to Manage each and every type of file. If you feel Lazy in Sorting or Analyzing your Computer or Laptops File then this Software can help you to to So.

Just Select your Folder or the Drive which has lot of Files and you are Looking Forward to Arrange it properly or even to Analyze them, then Select that Directory. At times, there are many files on your PC which are of no use and you might think of Sorting it, but due to Various Type of files it may become difficult for you to Sort it out.

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Don’t Worry about the Type of File, as this Application Supports many type of file, let me be Clear that over 3000 File Categories are Supported. So there is no question that whether you have a XML, Doc, Pptx, Avi, mp4, mp3, jpg or other Type of File.

Also, this feature depends on the Type of Version that you are Downloading, as there are Disk Sorter Pro, Disk Sorter Ultimate, Disk Sorter Server and Disk Sorter Enterprise Versions. Purchase or Download according to your Need because it can do Lot of Things with your File.

Requirements to Sort any type of File in One Click:

  1. Any Version of Microsoft Windows.
  2. Computer or Laptop.
  3. Disk Sorter Software.
  4. A Black Horse. (Optional)

How to Sort any Type of File on your Windows Computer or Laptops

Step 1: Download and Install Disk Sorter Application on your Windows PC. If you are facing any Kind of Difficulties in Choosing the Type of Version then Download the Disk Sorter Freeware and test it.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Step 2: After Installing this Application, an option will be shown to you which will ask you to Select the Type of file that you want to Scan. It will be good if you Unmark ‘Scan System Files’, as Leaving the System File will be Good for your Windows PC.

Step 3: Now Select the Directory or the Whole Drive and Scan it to See Different Type of Files in that Folder or Drive.Sort Every Type of File on your Windows 1

Step 4: When the Scan will be finished Different File Types will be Shown to you. Go to your Preferred File option and Delete, Move or Copy them to Different Locations Either one by one or all at Once.


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