Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps

Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps

Give a Kick-Start to your Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Computer or Laptops by removing the useless files which are Making your PC Slow and Out-of-Date. We Usually get Depressed about our Slow Windows Computer usually regarding the Speed and its Performance. Whereas, Speed and Performance are regarded as the two most Valuable Factors of the Computing World which are Required the Most.

Windows 8/8.1 are regarded as the‏ of Mixture of Microsoft’s earlier versions of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista which were the best of its own. In Window 8/8.1 many of the New Features are added which were Missing in the Previous Version of Windows. But as the Time Passes-by our New Desktop or Laptops looses their Light, which means that it Starts Lagging or it Starts Giving us Many Type of Errors.

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You Might Think of Formatting or Re-installing your Windows 8/8.1 PC, but wait as there are many Options available for you to Get Back the Lost Speed of your Windows 8 PC. Your PC Performance will also be Increased with these Steps and it will help you to Do your Work without any errors. Sit Back and do these Steps to help your Windows PC Perform the Way which was Performed Earlier.

How to Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps:

It is Recommended that you Should Create a Restore Point Before applying these Changes on your Windows 8/8.1 PC, as a Restore Point will help you to Revert your Changes that will be Made. Read these articles to Gain Back your Speed.

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Note: Perform these Operations only by Closing all of your Applications.

Step 1: Delete your Temorary Files

Temporary files are those files which are Temporarily Stored on your Windows Desktop or Laptops. If these files are Deleted, a lot of Space will get free on your System. These are the Leftovers of the Programms which were not Completed or files which are Half Processed and were made on Purpose by Some of the Applications. Deleting these type of Files will not Create any Type of Problems for you in Future.

  1. Search and Open the Run Command or Press Windows key + R key Together on your Keybord.
  2. Now type ‘ %temp% ‘ in Run and Hit Enter.
  3. Delete all the files of Temporary folder.

Note: Some of the Important System files will not be Deleted. Its Ok.Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps 1

Step 2: Delete the PreFetch Files

Prefetch Folder contains the files of your Program/Applications and Windows. If the files are Deleted from the Folders, Windows and other Programs will Take a Longer Time to Start when you will Open them the Next Time. But also by removing the Files from Prefecth Folder, the unwanted files which were created Long time ago will be Removed. This Step will also Help you to get Back your Windows Speed, but avoid Using it everytime.

  1. Press Windows key and R key together on your Keyboard to Open Run Command.
  2. Now type ‘ prefetch ‘ in Run.
  3. Delete all the file of Prefetch Folder.Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps 2

Step 3: Performance Mode

You will be Required to Boost the Performance of your Windows PC usually when you Play Games or when you Design Some type of Animations. Performance of any PC matters the Most when you are in Mood of Doing Some Important Business with your PC. Adjust the Performance of your Computer or Laptops according to your Needs.

  1. Open Windows Explorer → Click on Computer → Goto System Properties.
  2. Now click on ‘Advanced System Settings’ which is on Left Side of your Screen.
  3. Then in System Properties → Navigate to Advaced tab → Click on Settings wich is under Performance.
  4. Now in Performance Option Select Adjustments for Performance or Appearance, which will be in Visual Effects Tab and Click on Ok to Apply the Changes.

Note: It will take Some time to Apply the Changes.Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps 3

Step 4: Stop Start-Up Programs

Many of the Applications are started forcefully with your Windows. It becomes difficult for your Desktop or Laptop to Handle these Applications as there are many Applications. These Programmes Starts with your Operating Systems and if you are Having Many of the Programme Installed on your Windows Computer then you will face a Slow Star-up. Disable those Programs to Start with your Windows PC and Start the Applications only when you need them the Most.

  1. Open Task Manger by Right-Click on Start Bar.
  2. Navigate to ‘Startup’ Tab.
  3. Disable the Applications which you Don’t Want to Start with your Windows.Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps 4

Step 5: Windows Search

Windows Search is a Service that is available to you all the Time in Background of your Windows System. Windows Search is not Needed by all of the users Everytimwe, they are used rarely. Disable this Windows Search Service on your PC and Enable it only when you Need it the Most as the Windows Search will not Create any Problem for you.

  1. Search for Local Services and Open it.
  2. Now Open the Windows Search Option and Select Startup Type as ‘Disabled’.
  3. Click on OK and Close the Windows Search.Speed up your Windows 8 in 5 Steps 5

Hope these Five Methods will Speed Up your Window 8/8.1 Computer or Laptops. As these Methods are Regarded as the Most Helpful Measures which will Help you to Get Back the Speed of your Windows 8/8.1 PC. If these Methods doesn’t works for your PC then you can Leave a Comment Below.

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